20 Secrets The Producers Of A&E Don’t Want Us To Know About Brandi

Successful reality star Brandi Passante is best known for her role in the A & E series. Save war. The show follows the life of Brandy and her longtime boyfriend, Jarrod Schulz, who buy storage that people haven't paid for with their internal items. The goal is to make money by selling items.

Ten years later, Brandi is one of the fans' favorite cast members. She and Jarrod opened their spin-off show. Brandy & Reload: Marriage with the profession. We all want to know more about her, but there are a few things that show makers want to go down. Here are 20 secrets that producers don't want to know about Brandi:

20 She has a new man

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Brandy and Jaro have been known and loved as couples for many years and are no longer items. ace inquistr.com Brandy reported sharing a snap with a new male companion, not a reload. Both Brandi and Jarrod did not confirm or reject the split, but Jarrod appears to be actually missing from Brandy's social life.

19 She knew about the items prepared for the show

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before Save war Casting member Dave Hester publicly learned that in a lawsuit against the show, store items were planted inside the show locker. But according to inquisitr.com, They denied these allegations and stated that the item was not prepared.

18 She is no longer in Jarrod

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Whether married or not, Brandi and her long-time partner Jarrod seem to have recently broken up. Since the fans got to know Brandy at the show, she has maintained a devoted relationship with Jarrod, making her an ideal life for reality TV. None of them mentioned the current relationship status, but the online picture shows that they are no longer together. Fortunately, this does not affect the future of the show.

17 She was not supposed to be on the show

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Fans can not imagine the show without brandy, but what they do not know is that she did not appear in the original show. According to Baby Gaga, The show creator approached Jarrod in a new thrift store and asked to participate in the show. Fortunately, Brandi interacted with customers and asked for participation.

16 Her spin off show was a flop

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After years of success Save war, Brandi and her boyfriend Jarrod Schulz Brandy & Reload: Married to the profession They ran a lost business and raised their children. Unfortunately, spraying did not work well. It was canceled after 8 episodes due to poor rating.

15 Her criminal record is not clean

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Brandy is loved for her personality Save war, She has made an unknown mistake in the past for the creator of the program. According to Star kasamBrandy was arrested for driving under influence in 2007. She had three years probation and had to pay a fine of $ 390. After that, she decided to act together.

14 She is drinking and we are worried

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With past DUI records, fans are currently concerned about drinking behavior and think Brandy is returning to the old fashioned way. According to TV showcaseA lot of her recent snaps, shows the drinks she enjoys. A big worried fan asked how her liver coped with all the drinking. Brandy has not responded to this issue yet.

13 Her thrift store didn't do well

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Brandi and Jarrod owned the Now & Then thrift store and sold items found in abandoned warehouses at the store. The success of this storage business opened another branch in Orange County. Unfortunately Show The report said the sale was so low that the door had to be closed.

12 She was suing a fake video

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When Brandy gained fame, a man named Hunter Moore decided to enjoy her fame by posting an adult video featuring her. According to looper.comThe video was fake, Brandy sued Moore and his accomplices and she won. Criminals were sentenced to cybercrime.

11 Is she really married?

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Another secret that the producers of the show want to go down is whether Brandi and her old boyfriend Jarrod actually had a formal wedding. Nearly twenty years later, the duo gave birth to two children, Peyton and Cameron, but there is no official evidence to tie a knot. Tetalco report. They seem to be keeping this part of their life private.

10 She wanted more, but she got a lot in the lawsuit.

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To her reputation, Brandi demanded $ 2.5 million in a lawsuit against Hunter Moore. But according to Hollywood reporterThe judge thought that amount was too large because Brandy did not provide enough evidence to justify $ 2.5 million in damages. She got $ 750,000 instead, and it wasn't enough to buy proper storage. Sometimes even celebrities can't find their way.

9 Her former was once a prisoner

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Brandy's former partner Jarrod also has a criminal past. Jarrod spent time before he succeeded in buying abandoned storage. ace Star kasam He was arrested in 1997 and sentenced to 60 days in prison. During probation he was arrested again for drug transport and affected driving. He was sentenced again for 16 months. But since then he has changed his life.

8 Yarod didn't have a chance.

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As a rule, men are women seeking women, but not brandy and jarrod. According to tiveredmind, Brandy was a man who pursued zarod early in the relationship. Jarrod was the boss of Brandi of the carpet cleaning company, worked for her and could not follow her. So she took on that role. But brandy denies this story.

7 She is not a fan of lipstick

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Many celebrities rarely leave their homes without makeup and include men. Because it seems to be suitable for the camera. So it's amazing to know that Brandi Passante is not a fan of lipstick and rarely wears it because there are chicken lips that don't go well with lipstick. Tetalco report.

6 Have you heard of Escalaphobia? She got it

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Yes, escalation phobia is a thing and brandy has it. It's a fear of escalators, and no creator wants to be public knowledge, especially when they make secrets about their casts look especially weak or crazy. Unfortunately TetalcoBrandy admitted that he was afraid to use this great invention. She needs to breathe because she is likely to swallow her toes.

5 She was never well versed in business

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After watching the show, many fans believe that they are savvy but respectful of Brandy's business on storage devices. Baby GagaPurchasing a storage unit was not brandy's job and had no prior knowledge of the business before joining the show, so I had to learn on the go and soon became very good at it.

4 She prefers not to travel by road at all.

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Another secret that producers don't want fans to know about Brandi is that they don't like road trips because of severe motion sickness. thethings.com report. When she needs to make such a trip, sit back and warn people not to sit near her. Not good for a real star like her who has to go the way for a promotion or interview.

3 She wants kids to follow a completely different path.

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Brandy has a successful career in the storage auction business, but doesn't want his children to follow his father's footsteps. ace those They do not want children to belong to this difficult and demanding industry. But they support the path they choose. They are some of the few parents who do not want their children to take over the business.

2 She was once a dancer-probably not the kind you think

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Another secret producer we don't want to know about brandy lived as an exotic dancer in several clubs in Orange County a few years before she became a reality star. The richest Pointed out. She may not be proud of her past choices, but she has come to know who she is today.

One She would have been the owner of a cooking show

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She succeeded in buying a storage device, but it was not a brandy dream career, but she always wanted to be a cook. She enjoys cooking and is very good at it. She even took cooking classes to improve her skills. ace tiveredmind She can prepare many meals like a pro, but her favorite is chicken stroganoff.

Source: starcasm, tvshowsace, looper, hollywoodreporter, inquisitr, tiveredmind.


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