20 Cringy Things Actors Surprisingly Did During Interviews

When most people think about what a famous actor entails, they can imagine such things as appearing on a big screen or going on stage to win an award. On top of that kind of stuff, famous actors need to sit regularly for an interview session that can last for hours at the end.

It may sound incredibly boring to get the same questions over and over again, but interview sessions are a key part of an actor's life, providing publicity that can build or break their career. With that in mind, there are times when the question and answer period goes smoothly. With that in mind, during this interview, cringy actors are amazed to get to the list of one of 20 things.

20 Denzel Washington Interview Interview

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Denzel Washington didn't want Washington for anything but talk about his present for some reason, a question that was really different during the interview when asked for some of his past performers and characters and generally went to Australia's current case in 2010 for something different Because of the film's frustration, he kept in touch with the journalist whenever she caused the past, and challenged her in a way he couldn't edit the interview.

19 Sir Ben Kingsley shoots several scenes at the interviewer.

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Naturally, it is strange for an interviewer to talk with a star like Sir Ben Kingsley about what he ate that morning. But we do not know why the interviewer does so while the interviewer does so. Museum night Press junket seemed to be turning off Kingsley. Whatever the reason, for the rest of the time Kingsley could not wait for her to leave, clarifying that her question was unfavorable and implying that it was affected.

18 Jim Carrey accompanies and insults the event

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At 2017 New York Fashion Week, the interviewer held an interview with Jim Carrey to clarify what surprised him. She was not wrong because there was an unclear reason after insulting the case several times. I made a difficult sound and literally walked around the interviewer.

17 Drew Barrymore flashes David Letterman

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Drew Barrymore, who can become a power broker in Hollywood, not only made his name as an actor, but also made several projects in his adult life. But when she was young, Barrymore made a rebellious march of about a mile. For example, in an interview with David Letterman, Drew found out that it was a birthday, so he danced at his desk and amazed a strange person because of the big difference in age.

16 Brad Pitt insults Jonah Hill on face

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During movie promotion Money ballBrad Pitt Jonah Hill appeared in a video asking them asking each other fans. Unfortunately Hill, I got to ask some traits of Pete from his performer who would like to take on. Hill asks a question and suggests that Pete wants to be like him, but Pete immediately writes the idea by saying, "I have to go with a serious actor," which burns Jonah a big burn.

15 Mel Gibson's Rotisserie Sign Off

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At the height of Mel Gibson's career, I was mega which seemed to interview with greatly enjoy the interaction. But when the WGN reporter talked with Gibson about the 2010 film Dark edge He was caught in some serious debate. So Gibson thinks he is ready for a difficult question, but he is angry at the end of the segment and called the interviewer a "** hole".

14 Awkward Interview with Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith

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Given that Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith are mothers and daughters, it would have been cool to attend the 2015 Oscars together as famous actors. But things got awkward when the interviewer asked Melanie about watching her daughter's movie. 50 different shades of gray. Of course it wasn't the actress's fault, but Dakota seemed to upset her mom that she didn't want to watch a movie, despite the obvious reasons she felt so.

13 Tony Dance Badmouths News Show

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Technically speaking, this moment happened during the pre-interview segment where the public has never been reported. But Tony Danza insulted the local news show because he didn't know if the anchor and the crew were bad enough to hear his voice.

12 Courtney Love Interview

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When this happened, Courtney Love was famous for her singing career, but she had already acted and she appeared in several films, so her spouse was on this list. While Pop of Queen is being interviewed MTV NewsThe situation threw but the love from Madonna stopped as well and had a brief conversation from the impact Clearly. Nevertheless, mocked the need to pay attention when love crossed Madonna.

11 Tom Cruise's Sofa Jump

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Of all the moments on this list, Tom Cruise's time to jump off the couch in the Oprah Winfrey interview became the most famous. After all, he was one of the world's most famous actors for decades at this point, but in his interview many of his thoughts that many people thought he lost it.

10 Mark Wahlberg joins hands

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Arguably the most entertaining interview in the world, Graham Norton will almost always entertain the moments of his guests. Of course, it does not usually hurt the guests of the show to get drunk during the show. Unfortunately, it can be a negative thing if Mark Wahlberg, who is clearly drunk, drank too much, like sitting on Norton's lap and rubbing her chest.

9 Jesse Eisenberg

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We surely presented a blogger named Romina Puga while interviewing him when something did not happen in the mind of Eisenberg Now you see me Although oppressing drug addicts, he fought a furious battle. For example, he called her for a handwritten question and told her that she was the interviewer's carrot top and cried after the interview. Everything is somewhat playful, but there are clear limits.

8 Madonna refuses to leave bad language

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Earlier in this list, we looked at the time Madonna interrupted the interview, and now it is time to remember when the actor made David Letterman uncomfortable sometimes. Madonna, who appeared in the letterman's show in 1994, gave her underwear and continued to swear, insulted Dave, smoked a cigar, and eventually refused to leave.

7 Burt Reynolds gathers to insult guests and pour water

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In 1994 Tonight show Interview, game show host Marc Summers tried to answer the question when fellow guest Burt Reynolds stopped to mock him. In response, Summers recently decided to joke about Reynolds' divorce. So Bert then poured water on the man and began to insult. Eventually, Summers returned to Reynolds with a glass of water before having fun by throwing pies and hugging each other on their faces.

6 Crispin Glover Letterman Kick

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Crispin Glover is most famous for his role, Back to the future, The man also made headlines many times as he acted beyond the walls in his life. For example, in a 1987 letterman interview, Glover boasted a kick, challenging an arm wrestling match to the host and then throwing the foot in a strange way.

5 Sacha Baron Cohen Sheds Ash

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If there is anything undeniable about Sacha Baron Cohen, the man does not fear fear of comedy. As a result, those who were carrying a pretending jar with dictator's ashes on the 2012 Academy Awards red carpet were not surprised. Worse, the attempt to inflate “ash” to Cohen's interviewer Ryan Seacrest was lame.

4 Tom Cruise on Mental Health

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Earlier in this list, we saw the most famous interview of Tom Cruise's life, and now it's time for the worst. Perhaps someone who thinks he knows better than a doctor Show today The interview cruise ran about people who used drugs to fight depression. Unfortunately, Cruz's claim was dangerous, not only because of howling, but because he was able to truly convince those who had to take the medicine.

3 Bruce Willis confronts for no reason

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Due to the fact that celebrities interview for a few hours, we can understand how boring it is and why to stick with it if you are abused in the process. Meanwhile, in 2013, Bruce Willis confronted a film interview Network 2 Although he received a totally good question. The sound is not bad, but to understand the inconvenience, you need to look at the clip.

2 Vin Diesel Blow on Carol Moreira

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Most of the time, Vin Diesel created an image of how much he loved people in his life and left like a very nice person. On the other hand, in an interview with Carol Moreira, it is very clear that she is uncomfortable, but repeatedly mentions her appearance while repeatedly hitting her.

One Most of the arrested development casts Jeffrey Drums for Jessica Walter

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Jessica Walter said in 2018 that Jeffrey Tambor was lost in production. If no one denies that it happened, the rest Arrested development Co-stars wagoned around Walter. Instead, not all of them sponsored Tambor when Walter cried in the background in an interview covering all the stars of the show.

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