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17 Photos Of Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Transformation Throughout The Years

One who knows difficult times is The Rock. He says he always remembers difficult times in big moments, grasping things perspectively and expressing gratitude in all situations. Whatever he does it seems to work. Rock went to the face of WWE in an unnamed CFL player. I struggled early in Hollywood, but apparently it was another obstacle he had to conquer and became the largest and most popular star in the industry today.

In this article, let's look at his crazy changes over the years. Johnson's film since high school Looks like a completely different person in his time.

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17 Early

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Before the rock, his dad was finishing it in the ring. I performed with the special effects of Rocky Johnson.

Dwayne stared at his father early, wrestled with the NWA for almost 20 years, and moved to WWE for a short period of three years. My son knew little about changing his business forever.

16 Get his dad back

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Like his proud son, Dad is taking him away by shaking the Rocky Johnson T-shirt. Dwayne should ride Cloud 9 at this point and watch his dad get autographed for fans.

As you can see in the next photo, Rock will go in the other direction early from his father. Ultimately everything worked as expected.

15 Acquisition Step

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He grew up with his mother and childhood was not the easiest. Johnson has been arrested several times, regardless of theft or fraud.

He was not going in the right direction and was associated with many support systems at the time.

14 High school days

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Johnson spent time in many different high schools when he was young. He and his mom worked a lot. I spent time at a high school in Honolulu.

In fact, The Rock could easily be solved in a different way. Undoubtedly he appreciates how everything is settled.

13 Miami ball

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Let's say that this is Dwayne's heavier days. He flourished with the University of Miami and needed a bit of jerk when he felt his position as a defensive tackle.

He spent four years in college, playing prestigious games like the Cotton Bowl Classic in Miami.

12 CFL Day

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This was the lowest for Dwayne. I joined CFL, a Canadian for only $ 200, and came to the conclusion that it was cut by Calgary Stampeders in 1995. The decision turned out to be a blessing.

He left the CFL for only $ 7 in his pocket, thus leaving behind the (now) company name Seven Bucks Production.

11 Turtleneck

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It didn't take long for Johnson to be completely virus when he uploaded this photo. Not long after, fans from all over the world imitated the appearance of rock in the 90s, and the picture turned into a must for Halloween.

Pleasantly, it was a hot costume once again last Halloween.

10 WWE debut

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He made an in-ring debut in the Survivor Series, which was immediately blocked by a big outlook for the future. His appearance, however, was not much, but Dwayne made fun of the past under the name of Rocky Mavia.

Despite their appearance, charisma and natural talent were already evident at a young age.

9 State of domination

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I started his right at this point. Rock needed a heel turn and this happened right away. He was full of big future stars as he won the IC Championship.

It was clear that he would continue to do bigger and better things. I'm interested in charisma, especially Mike.

8 People's Champion

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During the Attitude Era boom, Johnson was at the top of the wrestling world with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two helped change the tide as WWE began to crumble the WCW in the rating war.

At this point, Rock was in private prime minister with WWE and had to watch TV. Together with Mick Foley he recorded a record number in his “This Is Your Life” category. WWE is lucky to get one-third of its 7.2 million viewers tuned these days.

7 Final run

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He left the wrestling industry. At this point, rock was still the biggest draw in all professional wrestling. I changed both his figure and persona, turning it into a heel, completely changing things.

Who can forget the epic concerts you always have to watch?

6 Tooth Fairy

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In 2010, the Tooth Fairy, in which The Rock Fair appeared, was released to the public. At that point he was all-in when he came to Hollywood life.

His film did not do everything well and Rock questioned his life choices separately from the current WWE. Thankfully, I insisted on it and apparently worked the way everything should have been.

5 Pain and profit conversion

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Just three years later, Rock Pain and profit. I completely changed my appearance by shaving his head and adding insane amounts of muscle.

Suddenly the role began to pour. Fast and furious. It was his beginning at the top of Hollywood.

4 With john cena

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He and John Cena returned to WWE with an unpleasant attitude toward his last prominent program. It turned out to be a year of disagreement and culminated in two WrestleMania main event matches.

The last was held at WM 29 and Cena defeated The Rock to win the WWE title.

3 Spencer on bolus

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There's really nothing Dwayne can't or can't do. He expanded on his resume by participating in HBO shows. Bowler. He played the tricky role of super agent Spencer Strasmore.

The show was a great success and recently attracted a solid number to the end.

2 father

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Despite his crazy schedule, Johnson married longtime partner Lauren Hashian in 2019.

Happy couple started family with two children. We are not sure how he finds time, but Rock has a busy life away from work and away from camera.

One WWE return

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At last the great man is back. Debuting at FOX, McMahon needed something huge and The Rock was the answer. After all, the show was literally named after the WWE legend.

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