15 Marvel Actors Who Were Total Bullies On Set (5 Who Were Sweethearts)

This may be a difficult drug to swallow, but some of the lovely superheroes we have seen over the years are not really heroes. In fact, some of them are straight dumb and are known as gun divas to work with.

In most cases, when an actor or actress gets stressed, he wears boots and replaces them, but there are A-listers who accept and allow idiots to those around them. Watch a movie or show more.

Not all of them are big idiots, but there are also total lovers. They set a breeze and everyone loves them.

15 Marvel Actors / Actresses And 5 Absolute Lovers Being Bullied

20 Thug: Terrence Howard (Colonel James Rhodes)

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Before we had the money chisels in the role of Colonel James Rhodes Iron townn series had Terrance Howard.

However, according to thetalko.com, Terrance was a bit unpleasant and didn't treat women so kindly, and when he was cut in salary in the second film, he was not chased and taken from Robert Downey Jr. For him.

19 Bully: Josh Brolin (Tanos)

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A-Actor Actor Josh Brolin was all very ecstatic when he joined the cast. Avengers Thanos.

According to thetalko.com, it's a completely different person when the camera isn't turned In fact, he's a huge idiot to actually work with, and it's hard to work with him because he doesn't treat women as well as Terrance Howard.

18 Thug: Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts)

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Gwyneth Paltrow has a long history of discord with other actors.

According to thetalko.com, she is not only difficult to work with, but is also a person with flatulence, cold, long distance, and extensive diving on the set. In fact, she just Ironman All her expensive, funny, series when the needs are met.

17 Bully: Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon)


On the camera, Bradley Cooper is an amazing actor but off-camera but quite shady.

According to thetalko.com, Brad has a habit of dating costar while shooting is in progress and throwing it away as soon as his role is completed. He did this for several women, including Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana.

16 Bully: Vin Diesel (Groot)


Vin Diesel is another actor who has long disagreements with other actors.

According to thetalko.com, Vin is known to have some effect on women during interviews. For example, in an interview with YouTuber Carol Moreira, Vin constantly called her beautifully and talked about how hot she could not concentrate.

15 Bully: Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye)


Jeremy doesn't hate you. He is actually loved by many, but there are times when he can be rude.

According to thetalko.com, the stars sometimes take part in gift parties, and fans instead of interviews and photos give the stars to the gift basket. Unfortunately Jeremy tends not to participate and refuses to take photos or interviews.

14 Bully: James Spader

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James Spader is another actor with great acting abilities and strong self-esteem.

According to thetalko.com, the biggest reason he no longer appears in movies is because he is very difficult to work with. He wants to embody his personality, almost personalize it, eventually cling and control the whole project.

13 Bully: Natalie Portman (Jane Foster)


Natalie Portman is an amazing actress in the film industry. She has a lot of serious talent and big blockbusters under the belt.

According to thetalko.com, she is also known to be slightly tempered. She is a bit arrogant, considers herself very high, takes everything very seriously, and is far from her colleagues.

12 Bully: Edward Norton (Hulk)

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One of the biggest reasons we no longer see Edward Norton is because of his terrible reputation when working with others and how many divas he has.

According to thetalko.com Edward was ruined straight away Incredible Hulk In 2008, the producers asked me to rewrite certain parts of the script and redo the shots,

11 Bully: Mickey Rourke (Ivan Banco)

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Mickey Rourke made himself one of the top enemies when he publicly clashed for "hacking off" many fellow colleagues.

According to cbr.com, Mickey has a history of idiots working together. In fact, his part Iron man 2 It was greatly reduced because of his attitude and the need to improvise and change things during shooting.

10 Bully: Tommy Lee Jones (Clonel Phillips)


Tommy Lee Jones is an amazing actor due to his charismatic screen.

According to cbr.com, I am known as a diva and less concerned about the feelings of others or their safety. In fact, while shooting Batman Forever, He verbally threatened Jim Carrey and Barry Sonnenfeld Men's black 3, So he didn't have to work much with him.

9 Thug: Idris Elba (Heimdall)

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This is a mixed item. Idris Elba is not only an amazing actor, but also a great person to work with. Unless it's an MCU movie.

According to cdri.com, when Idris first started Heimdall Thor Though he was thrilled by the film, his excitement diminished sharply and began to complain about the costumes, the script, and how he was rude.

8 Thug: Anthony Hopkins (Odin)

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Anthony Hopkins is an absolute legend that has been enthusiastic fans for over 50 years with amazing performances.

But according to cbr.com, he is known to be a bit far from his costars. In fact, he admitted during the interview that it was difficult to connect with others and caused great disdain for the actor and acting business.

7 Thug: Stellar Scarsguard (Erik Selvig)


Stellan Skarsgard is one of the most famous actors in the world today, but he doesn't like to work with many people because of his mischief that is going through his pranks, and his dramatic talent to fear his cost.

Indeed, according to cbr.com, Stellan talked with Paul Bettany about participating in the film. DogvilleThe experience that Paul later admitted was “disgusting” and even compared to being tortured.

6 Thug: Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue)


In the past few years Andy Serkis has done quite a bit of interviews that give all the credit for the development of mocap technology.

According to cbr.com, this arrogance almost captured the enemy in the graphic design business. In fact, many animators have insisted on abandoning their jobs.

5 Sweetheart: Anthony Mackie (Falcon)


Anthony Mackie is an actor with a flawless reputation.

According to thetalko.com, Anthony first appeared on MCU. Captain America: Winter SoldierAlthough he plays a minor role, he still appreciates this opportunity.

He is a great sport, makes everyone on the set laugh, does not take too seriously, likes to interact with fans.

4 Sweetheart: Chris Evans (Captain America)


Was there any doubt in the minds of fans that Chris Evans would be on the list of lovers? He is Captain America after all.

According to thetalko.com, Chris is a great multi-faceted person doing set work. He is kind and easy to go down to the ground. For fans, they like to interact with fans and appear in hospitals to scare children like Captain America.

3 Lover: Tom Holland (Spider-Man)


As any fan can guess, Tom Holland is a lover who works together.

According to thetalko.com, Tom is amazing for interviewers, fans and ordinary people. He may be one of the youngest stars on the MCU, but one of the most respected.

Like Chris, he loves visiting fans of hospitals dressed as Spider-Man.

2 Lovers: Paul Rudd (Anthman)


Paul Rudd is one of the most wanted actors in Hollywood because of how sweet he is.

Paul is a massive comedian, according to thetalko.com. He constantly makes his costars laugh and even stops working, and there have been numerous reports of how amazing he has been.

One Lover: Chris Pratt (Star Lord)


Chris Pratt is not perfect. There is no star. He had some accidents, but most of them are amazing people who work together and make everyone laugh.

According to thetalko.com, Chris always finds time to talk with his fans, especially the children in the hospital. Try to visit at least once a week.

Source: thetalko.com, cbr.com


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