10th Ke Baad Kya Kare, दसवी के बाद कौन सा सब्जेक्ट ले

Ke Baad Kya Kare 10th after 10th place How to build a career after 10th place Today people have learned more about their careers than before, so there is more competition than today, so if you are worried about the future, today we have brought you very important information. You can choose a career based on your interests.

Ke Baad Kya Kare tenth after tenth

If you do not choose your job right now, you may face many difficulties in the future. You should not choose your future career by looking at someone or looking at someone else. After 10 days, you need to choose subjects according to your area of ​​interest.

Hindi 10th Ke Baad Kya Kare

In almost every state in our country, only one subject is up to 10 days, after 10 days, we have to choose subjects according to what we want to do in the future, depending on our interests. There is an important role in our future. There are usually four subjects.

  1. art
  2. Science
  3. Commerce
  4. Agriculture

Hindi 10th Ke Baad Course

After 10 days, you need to study according to the selected subjects in classes 11 and 12. Based on these subjects, students complete their twelfth grade and study university.

Art career after 10 years

For the student who wants to prepare for a competitive job (competition test) for a government job (government job) in the future, the field of art will be best and better, in which you will study many subjects.

One. Hindi Almost everyone who chooses Arts Stream studies this topic. It provides information on Hindi grammar and Hindi.

2. English This topic also provides information about English such as English grammar and Hindi. Looking at the time today can help you understand how much you will need in the future.

3. Politics Politics is informed of political information. Here you will find information on the national, foreign politics, diplomacy, and national and international power.

4. History -With this, you will know about your old culture. How people live and use according to war policy.

5. Geography -In this topic, information about geographic conditions such as land, vegetation, natural disasters, forests, etc. is provided.

6. Sanskrit -This course provides information on writing, reading, etc. of cultural grammar such as Hindi.

7. Economy -If you know this topic you will get a very good range. It provides information about the product and its sales.

8. Sociology -Here you will find information about social facts. If you are more interested in society, you can take this topic.

Even after passing 12th Arts, you can continue many courses such as hotel management and event management, fashion design, public communication and journalism, etc.

In addition to this, you can carry out the following professional courses: Poly Technique, ITI

ITI If you want to study quickly in a short time, by doing ITI 10th Kebard Occupation ITI has a variety of trades and courses, ITI consists of one-year and two-year courses, see this article for more information. How to do ITI

Poly Technique Polytechnic courses are best for students who want to become engineers. Polytechnic has the same field as engineering. After passing 10 standards, you can enter the polytechnic.

Read this article for more details. How to perform polytechnics.

Science career after 10 days

Science is the first choice for almost every student. To be a doctor or engineer later, you need to choose a field of science. There are three types of groups in science.

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB)
  • General Group (PCMB): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • To be a doctor in the future, such as MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, B.Pharmacy, D.Pharmacy, you need to choose a group of physical, chemical and biological (PCB) after 10 days.
  • To be an engineer in the future, after 10 days, you need to choose a group of physics, chemistry, mathematics (PCM). Students in the PCM group can go to many fields other than engineering.
  • Selecting a PCMB group will take you to the Field Medical Field and Engineering Field.

Career career after 10 days

The subject of commerce is chosen by most students, and students are most interested in it. Because of the many options in Career, including business, finance, and accounts, the Commerce field is best for becoming a CA. The commerce course is the best option for banking exams.

Choosing a commerce topic, you can also take additional professional courses like B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, etc.


Today we know 10 days Keba Cath care ,Hindi 10th Ke Baad Course I hope this article is very good and I hope you can choose a topic based on your interests.


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