1,000HP Tractor Smashes Top Speed Record, Reaches 135MPH

JCB tractors, Williams advanced engineering and motorcycle racer Guy Martin took the tractor to 135.19 mph in an average of two monitored runs and broke his record.

Their previous record, which began in June, was 103 mph. The record run was formulated by a Guinness Book of Records holding a superfast tractor in hand. The test was held at El Bington Airfield near York, England.

3 1,000 horsepower

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The power of a fast moving tractor comes from a 7.2 horsepower JCB straight 6 diesel engine, producing 1,000 horsepower and 1,844 pounds of torque.

Farmers Weekly reported that the engine was modified with valve seats and auxiliary piston coolers to help the beast survive. They also pointed out that the tractor tuned only half for running, and more numbers may be possible.

2 Tractor base

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These efforts are JCB's in-house project, noting that almost everything related to high-speed main equipment is similar to Fastrac tractors derived from or still built on actual commercial tractor models.

But the regular CVT transmission was replaced with a ZF six-speed gearbox with a wet clutch.

One F1 Team Help

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In addition to Guy Martin's lead foot help, the project switched to Williams Advanced Engineering, a long-running F1 team, to help low-aerodynamic trucks help cut wind without cutting it. The tractor also removed tractors like tools to slow down monsters.


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