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Whether it's a weekend away from New York City or a two-week vacation in the sun, pavement is an essential evil that opens the way to escape. No one likes the idea of ​​packaging. Therefore, most people take it off as far as the last possible moment, get involved in a lot of prone activities and put random things in a suitcase, backpack or roll board.

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The traveling light is wonderful, but how can you actually achieve it? Unfortunately, we need a plan. There are 10 travel hacks to help you cut bulk and travel lights. Read to the end and get a full picture.

10 Purchase with a small bag

What if you have a big suitcase like The Rock? You will fill it. Investing in a small bag is lighter by definition. Now you can hear your objection to this approach.

But read on. We will deal with a lot of worries when we go. This lightweight lighter has a holistic approach. Step by step, we will start with a small bag and become a lighter and brighter traveler. Next fun bit.

9 Know where you are going and what to do

As you can see if you see National Lamphun's VacationBoth of these people failed. What would you actually do while traveling? I plan to do shopping, dining and theatrical performances on weekends in New York. That means one fancy outfit, a walk around the outfit, another apartment apartment and a pair of shoes.

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For sunny Florida, pack two pairs of swimwear, shorts and tops and a long dress for dinner. Throw sandals and sneakers and you're done. Ok, we accept two swimsuits. Do you see how easy this is?

8 Pack outfits, not individual items

This is a genius. Packaging individual items is very random. And you would not have worn half of what you took when you got home. So use jeans with a shirt or tee shirt. Pair your skirt and blouse. That way, you can find out what accessories you need for a particular outfit.

Have you thrown things into the bag a few times, then saw jewelry and belts, and if you don't know what to wear, have you over-wrapped jewelry and other accessories? We are betting that a lot has happened.

7 Neutral is the way to go

Now, you take out a red and yellow striped shirt, a magenta sweater and a purple skirt. Now you have to match it with things. Dear Jeans? Maybe orange pants? Not sure. How wise would you be if you decided to pack your clothes that fit naturally for your trip?

So go khaki, black, gray, navy, brown and white. Divide into costumes before packing. The same is true for shoes. So put leopard sandals in your closet. And forget about the orange pants.

6 Wash at your destination

Do you dress everyday? It is natural that the bag swells. Plan ahead on your holiday plan and check out the laundry facilities. My beautiful Laundrette, Perhaps? Most hotels have laundry facilities. Of course, doing the laundry with bullshit is a bit of a drag, but if it's a small suitcase it's just the way to go.

And the other is to emphasize clothes that are resistant to wrinkles. Or if you need to iron, watch a movie in the room or sample at the mini bar. We are about halfway past and we started to gather together.

5 What you need-travel scale or purchase on arrival

There are two schools of thinking in this school. Do you keep or buy travel items such as shampoo or toothpaste in your luggage? Depends on travel time The scale of travel is long on New York weekends.

Otherwise, you will pack and bring the things you bought at home. If you are spending two weeks in the sun, it is better to buy it when you arrive. Do not drink incredibly large extra large shampoos.

4 Place everything

Okay, you completed the outline of the trip and go with the neutral and matching outfits. The next step is to place everything so you can see everything. Why? That's because it will give you an overview of what you have. It can help you decide what else to take.

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It also helps determine what is not needed. Consider things like the weather. New York may need raincoats and umbrellas. If you're from Florida, it's better to add one or two cami (don't forget to buy a sunscreen, of course).

3 Roll clothes

Rolling clothes when packing is old, but it is an advantage of travel hacking. Rolling clothes saves space in your suitcase and won't wrinkle. Also, if you roll clothes, you will not get layers and layers of carefully folded clothes.

What is on the floor is invisible. You may forget that they are there. Rolling shows more of what stands out when you open your suitcase. When unpacking, you need to hang your outfit together.

2 Tablet and tablet bag

Instead of a tough laptop, find a small tablet and invest in a tablet bag. You can take it anywhere and keep your papers and important documents in your bag. Instead of skimming your handbag to find some paper, you'll know where your tablet is safely.

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If you are flying, please contact the airline. However, many airlines treat laptop bags and briefcases as personal items (such as wallets or handbags) and not as carry-on. Good to know

One Live with your natural hair

Do you really need a hair dryer, straightening irons and curling irons? Is it electric color? The hotel comes with a hairdryer. rest of it? Decide that you can live without them. Save room and weight in a smaller suitcase.

Check the weight allowance allowed by the airline. And before leaving for the airport by weight (eg weight), you need to weigh the small bag on the bathroom scales.

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