10 Awesome Subway Menu Items You Can Only Get In Japan

As we all know, Japan is famous for being a great place where things like fashion and cuisine are much more complicated and unusual than elsewhere. Fast food, for example, differs from other countries because it introduces certain Japanese elements. The subway is a famous restaurant selling sandwiches, but it's not the most obvious in Japan. There are up to 20 unique, customizable sandwiches, and today's article will tell you about this special menu selection. at Japan

10 Shrimp Avocado Sandwich

This seasonal specialty is very popular among locals. Most days are sandwiches when you want a quick, delicious and filling choice for lunch. The main ingredients are avocado pastes like shrimp and cream, which can be personalized with your favorite ingredients.

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For example, you can add cheese and slightly cut tomatoes, cucumbers and salads to make the perfect subway sandwich.

9 Cream soda float

This drink is not only delicious but also one of the most famous drinks in Japan. For example, you can find it in several restaurants, as well as the subway, but since 2003, it is famous for serving this popular drink, so almost any menu or sandwich works perfectly with sweet delights. Ingredients such as vanilla ice cream, melon soda and ice cubes are delicious. If you're going to Japan or near the subway, you might want to give it a try!

8 Sweet serve

In September 2019, Subway Japan launched the first sweet sandwich made by this franchise. It's expected to be unhealthy because the subway is known for serving sandwiches that are healthy and freshly made, but it's wrong. The main ingredient is made of vegetables. For example, red bean paste is made from soybeans with added sugar, but this aspect is not dangerous to the body when analyzing the proteins and fibers found in the main paste. The cherries at the top are added mascarpone to give the sandwich an interesting combination. Try it. It is served from 2 pm. Early desserts are impossible.

7 Shrimp & Snow Crab

If you are not sure yet, Japan is original when you can put it in a sandwich. It's no surprise that both wonderful ingredients are combined in a dish to make you taste. Do not forget it!

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In conclusion, the subway is a well-known American franchise, but it doesn't take inspiration when it comes to good food pairings. Most all the fuss is about the amount of bacon or extra cheese you can add to it, but in this case it's much more than that-a food trip, right from fast food!

6 Smoked ham and mascarpone

You may have heard about mascarpone in making desserts, especially the famous Italian dish called tiramisu. Well, when it comes to Japanese subway sandwiches, there is a complex combination between smoked ham and mascarpone, and those who have tried it say that they are actually special! If you don't like smoked ham, you can always change it and pair mascarpone with salmon and promise that the taste and taste are the same. Contains salad and vegetables, you can replace fast food sandwiches.

5 Jay Taku Ebi Sand

The English translation they provide is just a special shrimp sandwich, but this translates perfectly to Luxury Shrimp Sandwich. What makes this Sub extravagant is the huge amount of shrimp actually used only for one sandwich. Thanks to tomatoes, sliced ​​peppers, onions, and all the vegetables added next to the shrimp next to a very subtle and delicious bacon strip, the heavy sandwich is good not only for the number of products used, but also for your health.

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People call this shrimp a "shrimp intensive eating experience" so if you like seafood you should definitely try this sandwich!

4 Infinite destroyer

We have already found out that Japan has a very unique approach when it comes to sandwich combinations, but sometimes it may seem to overstate or overcompensate something. For example, the subway Infinite destroyer It is only at the branch next to Tokyo University. This special choice is recommended if you have a huge meat pan that you can't taste bread, because you have not only some kind of meat, but more specifically, not 10 beef, 25 grilled beef, so-called sandwiches!

3 Meatloaf serve

If you are not sure by now, we have found that Japanese subways like meat that comes in all shapes and forms. We ate ham, beef and now we have meatloaf serve! This is part of one promotion and the customer is very happy with this combination because Subway Japan has never done before. There are subway sandwiches in the United States where meatloaf is included as the main meat, but these vegetables have more vegetables and you can add sauce to change the taste completely! There are bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, green beans, arrowheads, mushrooms and toppings are much more delicious-demi-glass and cheese sauce.

2 Hot dog bbq sub

Most of us think that the American subway is much healthier, but this Japanese submarine is likely one of the most interesting combinations that doesn't exist yet. It's not really a hot dog because it has the usual ingredients that sandwiches eat in salads with added toppings like onions, tomatoes, olives. Eventually the start of the show is added-sausages, ketchup and mustard. People think it is very original because there is no such option outside of Japan.

One Subway Taco

We would not have expected this invention in other regions where tacos are consumed more often in Japan. Oh, you were mistaken. In 2015, Subway Japan launched three sandwiches as part of its campaign. One of them is stuffed with ground beef, spicy salsa, vegetables with cheese, and selected vegetables. The ingredients look like taco meat, but adding spicy fillings doesn't make it taco. People have admitted that it is a controversial but still interesting choice!

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