Zardari brought to PIMS hospital for treatment, checkup – Pakistan

Former PPP president and chief Asif Ali Zardari was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) on Tuesday for treatment and laboratory tests after a medical board at Adiala jail recommended that authorities do so. .

Last week, an accountability court in Islamabad had ordered the jail authorities to act on the advice of medical officers about Zardari's plea for his transfer to a hospital. The former president is currently in pretrial detention in the case of false accounts.

The PPP leader was taken to the hospital today from Adiala prison in an armored vehicle.

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Hospital doctors performed a medical exam and took samples for laboratories. Meanwhile, the former president was transferred to the hospital's cardiology department.

Speaking to reporters after arriving at the hospital, the former president said: "God willing, Maulana Fazlur Rehman will achieve his goal. [of ousting the government]".

"Aisa tau hota hai aise ma & # 39; amloun mai [that’s the way the cookie crumbles]"he replied when he was told that containers had been placed and that arrests were being made to thwart the protest.

Last week, the PPP leader had told the accountability court that he is diabetic and suffers from heart disease and needs medical attention. However, the accountability court rejected a plea that sought to transfer the chief and former ePPP president from jail to a hospital.

The court had rejected the statement alleging that the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of the court. Judge Mohammad Bashir, while pronouncing the decision, had ordered Zardari to approach the prison authorities. According to the verdict, prison authorities can declare a hospital as a sub-prison through an executive order.

The court also ordered the prison superintendent to act according to the recommendations of medical officers or a medical board.

The National Responsibility Office (NAB) had arrested Zardari on June 10 after the cancellation of his bond prior to the arrest by the Islamabad High Court in the case of false bank accounts. On August 16, the court had sent the former president to Adiala prison in pretrial detention.

The case concerns a massive money laundering scam that was previously being investigated by the Federal Investigation Agency. The suspects include Zardari, Talpur, the former president of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Hussain Lawai, the CEO of Omni Group, Anwar Majeed and his children and other high-profile people. Subsequently, NAB took over the case by order of the Supreme Court.



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