You can spend the night never falling asleep with the best horror movies of 2019

Are you wrapped in a blanket and sitting on bed in a dark night watching a horror movie? What is your favorite thing on the weekend? Or do the people who are unbearable for 5 minutes scare you so much? If you belong to the latter kind, we want to let you know that there is a lot of fun you missed. When the horror movie starts playing, you don't have to blink. Open your eyes wide and watch your ears and other senses more carefully than ever before. The best part about them is the thrill they fill you with and the uncertainty about what will happen next.

Even in 2019, many movies were released that could leave you in horror. In this article, I've selected and listed 10 more scary than I've seen before!


If you haven't seen Prodigy But it should be the movie you will see next. With realistic stories and excellent performances by great performers, the film is worth your time. Sarah and her husband John are surprised that their behavior suddenly changes as soon as their son turns eight. The worst fears come true when they meet Arthur Jacobson, who says their son Miller is under the control of the evil spirit. The reasons why the unnatural spirit chose Miller, what he wants, and whether Sarah can elicit her prodigy from this confusion are some questions that can be answered when watching the movie.


Are you ready for the hide and seek spine cooling game?

Grace is happier than after getting married with the love of her life Alex. However, her happiness does not last long as she learns of the eerie marriage ceremony performed by Alex's family on her first day. Rituals include hiding while her protests, armed with guns and crossbows, try to find and kill her. Still, hopes for survival still remain, because Grace must hide only until dawn. If Le Domas can't hold her down and take her life before she dies,

Ready It should be the most exciting and terrible hide and seek that makes you feel like a part of the game when watching a movie. Because they die or die because they are the ones who need to hide the whole family of 7 to 8 people. The situation of both parties.

Velvet doorbell

Josephina was shocked at the core when she found dead and countless paintings in his apartment in Los Angeles, returning from Miami. When she returns to the senses, she steals all the paintings and shows them to her boss Rhodora Haze, who owns the gallery, and her friend Morf Vanderwalt, an art critic.

They decided to make money by sharing pictures together. Can they pass their plan?


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