Yair Rodriguez responds to Jeremy Stephens' 'die' comment: 'His heart is deep and weak.'

In a recent media scrum, Jeremy Stephens declared that Yair Rodriguez would win if he did not die during the "rematch" at the UFC at ESPN 6 in Boston, Mass. On Friday Friday (October 18, 2019). t counts. Rodriguez argues that Stevens 'recent remarks prove that “Lil & # 39; Heathen & # 39; s' heart is not right.

“There is a battle for everyone. If he thinks so, God bless him because there is deep shit here, ”Rodriguez said, pointing to his head.

Rodriguez chose a more calm approach because he didn't want to face his daring threats and went too deep into the enemy's head. Because he wants to be fresh and focused on fighting.

“I think he already has a lot of problems in his life. And I do not want to push too much into his head. Rodriguez said: “He's a tough opponent and I don't want him to be weak, which shows he's weak. I want him fresh. ”

The first fight, down from UFC Fight Night 159 a month ago in Mexico City, ended with & # 39; no competition & # 39; after Rodriguez accidentally stabbed Stevens in 15 seconds. As a result, Stephens could not continue, and the fight was called a lot by chagrin of all involved.

One day, the two got involved in changing the hotel, further exacerbating the looting. Now more heat, drama and beef are moving to “Beantown”.

MMAmania.com can apply the entire UFC one at a time, one at a time, through the ESPN 6 Battle Card this weekend. WolfStart with ESPN 2 “Preliminary”, scheduled to begin at 6 pm. The main card part broadcasted by ET and ESPN is suitable for 9 pm. ET.

To check out the latest and biggest UFC in ESPN 6: Check out our comprehensive event archive through "Weidman vs. Reyes" news and notes. Wolf.


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