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Chinese President Xi Jinping said Saturday he had a free and frank discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and that he would seek proposals that the two leaders discussed to improve bilateral relations.

Xi and Modi held several hours of individual conversations in a coastal city in southern India at their second annual summit designed to break decades of distrust between their countries over border disputes, a growing trade deficit and China's close military ties with Pakistan.

"Yesterday and today we have engaged in sincere discussions and as friends," Xi said in opening statements when the two leaders sat down to formally talk with their delegations.

"I look forward to more discussions, I can follow up on the proposals discussed yesterday," he said, without giving further details.

Ties stirred when India stripped occupied Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status on August 5, angering both Pakistan and its all-weather ally, China.

Before Xi's trip to India, China invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss bilateral issues. During the talks, Xi told the prime minister that Beijing was paying close attention to the situation in Kashmir and that the facts were clear. Xinhua State news agency had reported.

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Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Tuesday that President Xi had entrusted Pakistan with his next trip to India.

"The nature of our relationships is such that we trust each other at every step," said Qureshi.

In their initial comments, Modi noted that he and Xi had agreed to handle their differences wisely and not let them get into disputes.

Neighbors are expected to move forward with a set of confidence-building measures along their border, including border trade, tourism and even joint military patrols to increase trust, authorities said.

India and China share a 3,500 km (2,200 mile) border, over which they went to war in 1962. Their course remains unsolved despite more than 20 rounds of talks.

Modi took Xi on a personal tour of the temple monuments dating from the 7th and 8th centuries in Mamallapuram, in southern India, when regional leaders had commercial ties with the Chinese provinces.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said the two leaders spent almost five hours discussing bilateral issues that have often been charged.

The two leaders discussed economic issues, including India's $ 53 billion trade deficit with China in 2018/19, and ways to address it, Gokhale said.

China, on the other hand, was expected to urge India to make an independent decision on the offer of the telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huaweis for the 3G network proposed by India and not to be influenced by US pressure. The United States has asked its allies not to use Huawei equipment, which says China could explode to spy.

Sources counted Reuters In August, China warned of "reverse sanctions" to Indian companies that conduct business in China in case India blocks Huawei Technologies due to pressure from the United States.

Xi will head to Nepal later on Saturday, where it is expected to boost China's participation in the development of its infrastructure as part of its One Belt One Road initiative to boost commercial and transportation links in Asia.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1510445/xi-and-modi-discuss-proposals-to-improve-ties-hit-by-indias-action-in-occupied-kashmir


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