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WWE odds: Cain Velasquez favored Brock Lesnar (probably) on the & # 39; Crown Jewel & # 39; bet.

Cain Velasquez, the last week's UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) heavyweight title holder, retired last week from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), recently rooted in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and focused on a blossoming professional wrestling career.

In his first official match, Velasquez replayed former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE headliner Brock Lesnar at the “Crown Jewel” PPP (Pay-Per-View-View) main event on October 31 at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh. Will confront. , Saudi Arabia.

According to financial friends at www.BetOnline.ag, Velasquez opened the Halloween hoedown as a -200 favourite.Lesnar picked the peg as an abbreviation of +150. The former already unilaterally shelved on the UFC 121 in late 2010, already winning more than the latter, which has now won four 42-year-old Brasers.

Pro wrestling is script entertainment with a predetermined finish, but sports books treat these kinds of attractions just like the Academy Awards. In other words, bettors can expect volatility odds, lower bounds and lines to close ahead of actual events.

Designed for casual gamblers, not professionals who make the same money as this person.

Lesnar ended up with the most popular bet in his first six UFC fights, but it should be noted that in the last two matches since Velazquez, he ended up abbreviated. It doesn't include his +225 line in a Daniel Cormier title fight that never happened.

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