White House Staggers After Noisy 48 Hours

The White House is stagnating on the weekend at the most difficult times for 48 hours. President TrumpDonald John Trump, Florida GOP Rep. Is & # 39; thought & # 39; for impeachment, Democrats compare Trump's ISIS to reprove letters opened at Trump Resort Kurd Group PKK PenIt's a terrible term.

On Wednesday and Thursday, a number of detrimental headlines came out for the administration to fight the impeachment of the Democrats and the rebellion against Republican presidential diplomacy.

If that wasn't enough, the White House announced a long-term plan to hold its next Group 7 (G-7) summit at the Trump Brand Hotel in Miami.

Crescendo Chief of Staff of the White House on Thursday Mick MulbarneyCongressman John (Mick) Michael MulvaneyFlorida GOP is & # 39; thought & # 39; for impeachment, Democrats are trying to block funds for the G-7 at Trump Resort Overnight Defense & # 39; THUG Act & # 39; Has introduced. Battle in Syrian town continues | Pentagon top headed to Middle East | Mattis responds to Trump MORE's criticismIn a camera press conference to announce the G-7 decision, the president said that Ukraine held security aid to Ukraine to pressure the country to investigate conspiracy theories that undermine the conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

Mulvani left the accusation a few hours later and blamed the press for a storm. But in one raid, the Chief of Staff fed the Democratic Party and undermined administrative debate for several weeks when there was no endorsement in Ukraine.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said, “I didn't get the least credibility. Adam SchiffAdam Bennett Schiff House Republican Calls for Disclosure of Impeachment Cassici withdrew from impeachment Hill's 12:30 Report: The White House undermined control after Mulberry's words. (D-Calif.) Asked about Murbari's walk back Friday.

Mulvaney's remarks, along with the White House Democratic Party letter last week, promised to stop working with the probe, but came close to witnessing after witnessing as a witness after closing with Schiff and other lawmakers.

Many of the testimony provided a more dangerous headline for Trump, including Trump's donor, US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Gordon Sondland, whose testimony to Trump is thought to be more helpful to the White House.

Despite dealing with an impeachment circus, Trump's advisers tried to sell skeptical Republicans in a victory negotiation with Turkey.

This prompted fresh criticism of the president's decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria. Republicans and outside observers have criticized the abandonment of Kurdish allies, the abolition of US power, and the acts that gave ISIS new energy.

Senate Majority Representative in Rare Trump's Reproof Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellMcConnell: Trump's army withdrew a serious strategic mistake in Syria. Overnight Defense-Boeing Offer-Trump Claims Turkey Wants Armistice | Battle in Syrian town continues | Pentagon top headed to Middle East | Mattis responds to criticism from the Trump TSA Director and excludes himself from the highest DHS job. (R-Ky.) Declared the withdrawal of US troops from Syria in the Washington Post Friday afternoon as "a serious strategic mistake."

McConnell did not mention Trump's name, but “American withdrawal and increasing Turkish-Kurd hostilities are creating a strategic nightmare for our country. "Even if a five-day truce was announced, last week's events resumed the US campaign against Islamic states and other terrorists."

There is no connection between the impeachment and crisis in Syria, but it is difficult not to see the political relationship between the two. And Syria's fights obviously do not make Republicans easier to defend Trump against impeachment.

representation. Francis RooneyLawrence Francis Rooney Francis Rooney Notes: Trump's troubled sea has been thinking about the impeachment of Florida Republicans (R-Fla.) Called Mulvaney's reversal "shocking" and refused to rule out that Trump's actions were an impeachable crime.

“I don't think it's like Richard Nixon did, but I'm very mindful that during the Watergate, everyone said,“ Oh, witch hunt to save Nixon. ” “This was not a witch hunt. It was really accurate. ”

Trump's frequent critic, former Ohio Governor John Cassie, said he impeached Trump on Friday.

Kashichi said in an interview with CNN on Friday. I spoke with people, 'Is there a beneficial phenomenon?' And 'Is this going up to impeachment?' “And I say sadly. This is not what I really want to do. ”

The Senate's Republicans are unlikely to support the impeachment of the president, but some say they are not willing to defend him, ignoring their comments on foreign policy.

“I don't think we are more likely to be sent off directly. I think his political position in the Senate has weakened significantly, ”said Alex Conant, GOP strategist who served as Director of Communications for Sen. Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioHillicon Valley: GOP Legislator Provides Election Safety Measures FTC Dem, Lawmakers Blaming Apple for Censorship in Hong Kong Concerned That Government Will Be Captured by Big Tech Censors for Demonstrators in Hong Kong For Apple, Activision Blizzard Young Climate Activists Will Let Miami Beach Declare Climate Emergency(R-Fla.) 2016 campaign.

"He wants Republican senators to defend him with impeachment without attacking the Kurds."

This story could get worse for the White House in the near future.

Congress is still mulling sanctions laws against Turkey.

The House of Representatives, who lead the impeachment investigation, will be interviewing several administrative officials next week, which could result in additional testimony.

And former Trump officials seem to ease the remarks about the president. Secretary of Defense James MathisJames Norman MattisOvernight Defense — Presented by Boeing — Trump insists that Turkey wants a truce | Battle in Syrian town continues | Pentagon top headed to Middle East | Mattis responds to Trump's criticism The Hill & # 39; s 12:30 Report: After Mulvaney mentions the White House takes control of the damage Mattis replies to Trump's criticism: Trump accused the president of cracking Thursday night after “overestimating” a retired general.

Energy minister Rick PerryJames (Rick) Richard PerryPerry, will not comply with subpoenas in impeachment praise praised Dan Brouillette as "total expert" | Perry Repudiates Quad Pro Madam Beyond Ukraine, Trump Appoints Deputy Energy Minister to Replace Rick Perry Thursday Trump said he would resign in the coming months. But Perry, who has repeated in the Ukrainian debate, is willing to defend the president so far and will not cooperate with the Democratic investigation.

Perry talked about his relationship with Trump. "He never surprised me."



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