What’s showing in Houston galleries this week


Houston's art scene is as diverse and colorful as the city itself, with galleries and museums that showcase the work of local, national and international talent. Admission is free unless otherwise stated.


Anya Tish Gallery

"Johan Barrios: Monologo" 6:00 pm Opening Friday-November 30; 4411 Montrose; 713-524-2299, anyatishgallery.com.

Archway gallery

"Vecchio Soria: Seed, Blooming, Renewal", by Thursday; 2305 Dun Lavi; 713-522-2409, archwaygallery.com.

World Art Museum

Since January 11, "We salute the Latin American Master"; 2201 West Haimer; 713-526-1201, artoftheworldgallery.com.

Barbara Davis Gallery

"Mie Olise Kjærgaard: Ambiguous tally" from 6 pm Open Friday to January 10; 4411 Montrose; 713-520-9200, barbaradavisgallery.com.

Booker-Low Gallery

“Beyond Time: Australian Aboriginal Art” co-published with the Sydney Cui Gallery until December 14. 4623 pagan; 713-880-1541, bookerlowegallery.com.

Catherine Kouturi Gallery

By November 27 "Wendy Schneider: State of Grace"; 2635 call kit; 713-524-5070, catherinecouturier.com.

Deborah Colton Gallery

"Dick Wray: A Revelation" until November 2; 2445 North Blvd .; 713-869-5151, deborahcoltongallery.com.

Devin Borden Gallery

“David Lackey / Russell Prince: Figment”, until November 13; 3909 main; 713-256-0225, devinborden.com.

Flat land gallery

"No trigger warning" group show for Bill Arning exhibition from Monday; 1709 Westheimer, brasilcafehouston.com.

Poles art

“Voice Ringer: Female Artist in Texas”, until Saturday; 2143 West Haimer; 713-521-7500, foltzgallery.com.

Photo relevance

"Lou Peralta: Decomposition", until November 8; 616 hawthorn; 281-989-4356, fotorelevance.com.

Front gallery

"Sarah Fisher: Second Example" from 5 pm Saturday to November 23; 1412 Bonnie Bra; frontgallery.com.

G Spot Modern Art Space

Through Monday “bring everything home: Toby Kamps photo”; 310 E. 9; 832-807-6988, gspotgallery.com.

Gallery grandson rosh

"Raimond Girke: White Survey"; By Saturday; 2309 Caroline; 713-659-5424, gallerysonjaroesch.com.

Gray modern

“Neil Fortune: Colorful Ribs and Adam's Intestines” and “Aimée Terburg: Color Bending Shapes,” until November 30; 3508 lake; 713-862-4425, graycontemporary.com.

Heidi bon art

“Emma Balder: Connection Thread”, until November 23rd; 3510 lake; 832-875-6477, heidivaughanfineart.com.

Hook-Epstein Gallery

"Nan Johnson: A word of thanks" until November 27; 2631 call kits; 713-522-0718, hooksepsteingalleries.com.

Jonathan Hobson

“Steven Evans: Introspective”, until November 24; 904 Marshall; jonathanhopsongallery.com.

Inn Bay Gallery

“David Aylsworth: Song of September”, until November 1; 3901 main; 713-526-7800, inmangallery.com.

Co Elche Gallery

By Thursday “Gale Ship Tak, Kelly Moran, Jill Slay Maker”; 1020 peden; koelschgallery.com.

Laura lathe art

"Nicola Parente and Michael Schultheis", until November 30; 2707 call kits; 713-705-5044, laurarathe.com.

MacLean Gallery

Until December 21, "Dorothy Hood: Illuminated Earth"; 2242 Richmond; 713-520-9988, mcclaingallery.com.

Moody gallery

By November 27 “Dornith Doherty: Atlas of The Atlas”; 2815 call kits; 713-526-9911, moodygallery.com.

Nancy Little John Art

“Knox Martin: New York 1962-2019”, until December 7; 3465-B W. Alabama; 832-740-4288, nancylittlejohnfineart.com.

Nicole Long Necker Gallery

"Kesha Bruce: A Song for Survival", until November 9; 3233 W. 11; 346-800-2780, longneckergallery.com.

Red bird pics

"Robert Dampier: As Inner, Not" and "Lydia Board Na-Bala Butrak: Don't Say" until Tuesday; 303 E. 11; 713-854-4246, redbudgallery.com.

Rudolph Blue Fine Art / Art Scan Gallery

"Margaret Smithers-Crump: Breaking Point", until Saturday; 1836 Richmond; 713-807-1837, rudolfblume.com.

Site gallery

“Outta Space,” Sculpture Month Houston Group's Grain Silo Facility by November 30; 1502 Sawyer; 713-807-1836, sculpture monthhouston.org.

Texas gallery

"Robin Bruch: Full Circle" until November 30; 2012 Peden, 713-524-1503, texgal.com.


1940 Air Terminal Museum

"Pitch and Roll" sculpture through the Houston Group Show, xx; Hangar, 8325 Travelair; $ 2- $ 5; 713-454-1940; 1940airterminal.org.

Art gallery

"Fernando Casas: Limits and Proximities" and "Susan Thea: Snapshot", until November 17; 140 height; 713-861-5526, artcarmuseum.com.

Art league houston

"2019 Artist of the Year: Margarita Cabrera", "Entangled: Preetika Rajgariah" and "Maintenance: Charis Ammon", until November 2; Montrose in 1953; 713-523-9530, artleaguehouston.org.

Asia Society Texas Center

By January 19 “Tsuru Kokei: Modern Kabuki Print Correction and Review”; 1370 Southmore; 713-496-9901, asiasociety.org/texas.

Brapper Art Museum

"Paul Mpagi Sepuya", until March 14 and "Jacqueline Nova: Creatión de la Tierra", until January 4; University of Houston, 4173 Elgin; 713-743-9521, blafferartmuseum.org

Museum of Contemporary Art

“Nari Ward: Our People”, until November 30; 5216 Montrose; 713-284-8250, camh.org.


By November 9 "velvet generation", "Dansk Konceptuelt Fotografi" and "crossing"; Silver Street Studios, 2000 Edwards; 713-223-5522, fotofest.org.

Galveston Art Center

By November 17, “Gerardo Rosales: Undercover” and “Erin Curtis: Night and Day”; 127 Strand, Galveston; 409-763-2403, galvestonartscenter.org.

Houston Modern Craft Center

"Object: Redux — How to Make Crafts Modern for 50 Years" and "Nathalie Miebach: Waterline" until January 5; 4848 maine; 713-529-4848, crafthouston.org ..

Houston Photo Center

By November 10 "Daniel Gordon: Hue and Saturate"; 1441 W. Alabama; 713-529-4755, hcponline.org.

Houston African American Culture Museum

“Irinishi: A picture of Idowu Oluwaseum”, until December 14; “Aminah Robinson: The World of Aminah”, until November 2; 4807 Caroline; 713-526-1015, hmaac.org.

Rondale Art Center

Michael Menchaca (The Silicon Valley Codex) and "Saull Hernandez-Várgas:" Nothing left for us in the wilderness (queda nada para nosotros en la espesura) "; 4912 main; 713-528-5858, lawndaleartcenter.org.

Menil Collection

"Mapa Wiya (You do not need your map): Aboriginal art from Fondation Opale"; Until February 2; “Jan-Jacques Lequeu: Visionary Architect”, until January 5; 1533 sulos; 713-525-9400, menil.org.

Moody Center

"Moon Shot" by Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Laurie Anderson; Until December 21; Rice University, 6100 Maine; 713-348-4772, moody.rice.edu.

Houston Art Museum

"Beatriz González: Retrospective" is open until Sunday, January 20th. Sunday, January 12th “Pineso to Picasso: A Very Private Collection” and “Berser Morriot: Impressionist Original Original”; “Jasper Johns: 100 Variations on the Subject”, by February 16; $ 7.50- $ 25; 5601 main; 713-639-7300, mfah.org.

Pearl Pincher Museum

"Mark Burns: Grand Canyon Photography" and "Anat Ronen: Urban Legend", until January 11; 6815 Cypresswood, Spring; 281-376-6322, pearlmfa.org.

Project row houses

“Round 50: Race, Health and Maternity”: site-specific installations that explore how artists, health care professionals, and practitioners respond to black maternal mortality by February 16; 2505-2517 Holman; 713-526-7662, projectrowhouses.org.

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

By January 12 "Irwin Tepper: Proof of Phantom Made Between Thoughts"; 502 Alabama; 713-529-6900, stationmuseum.com.

Space HL

Site-specific installation by Saturday “Other Types of Shelters: Keliy Anderson-Staley”; 1303 Cullen, galleryhomeland.org.

Print museum

"Where did I come from: Charles Criner's work and influence", until December 21 and "Joan Son: Paper Couture", until December 22; $ 5; 1324 W. Clay; 713-522-4652, printingmuseum.org.

University museum

"Homecoming: 9th Biennale Art Alumni Exhibition" by November 3; 3100 cleburne; 713-313-7145, umusetsu.org.


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