‘We call off the strike and will return to playing’ – Shakib Al Hasan

Bangladeshi cricketers who went on strike on Monday assured that BCB officials would return to the stadium and that the athletes' association would meet almost every need. The test and T20I captain Shakib Al Hasan, who led the cricketer's movement, said he would only be satisfied when everything they requested was fulfilled.

Close to midnight Wednesday Wednesday as chaos between board and player broke out, the two parties were in discussion for almost two hours.

The players agreed to the meeting after a discussion at the hotel, while holding a press conference that added two demands at the hotel. The BCB must share a certain percentage of the revenue with them and guarantee equal pay for female crickets.

On Wednesday, there were reports that Mr. Hassan and Prime Minister Naimura Raman met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hashnah, who summoned Iran's Mas Lappa Motor. After her intervention, the BCB retreated from a hard-line stance.

Hassan said the board did not recognize the two latest demands until a few hours ago, but would meet the original eleven. .

"As Papon bhai said, it was a fruitful discussion," Shakib said. "He and other directors were confident that our needs would be met as soon as possible. They would start the NCL and attend training camps based on their convictions.

"We told them [CWAB] Election quickly. We want a representative of the current player so that we can discuss the matter regularly with the board. Best for the player. They agreed and elections will be held when all of us are available. We are glad when the demand is fulfilled, but we can say that the discussion is satisfactory. "

Hassan, which is totally different from an angry press conference on Tuesday, said that BCB will not only revert to a player in the Dhaka Premier League, but will also set up a franchise model based on players at BPL next season. Demand.

He also said he would quickly increase the pay for domestic players, but demanded time to improve infrastructure throughout the country.

"Thank you to our players today. There were many demands we talked about yesterday, and most of them agreed. The first of the 11 demands (CWAB elections) is not related to the BCB and the last one. Will cause more NOC).

Mr. Hassan said, “We agreed with the rest of the demands, such as the pre-DPL and BPL franchise models. "We will also greatly improve their allowances in domestic competitions, and in the next two to three days, not six months or a year.

"We're also going to improve our infrastructure everywhere and won't go step by step anymore. We've also heard from many athletes and asked us to write in the future."

Hassan offered to reduce the NCL's three-round match scheduled for October 24, but I was told it wasn't necessary.

Hassan said, “We wanted to stop the NCL's third round, but the players would head to the venue if the day was delayed. "National players will join the camp on 25 October, as previously planned."

Hassan, who blew up cricketers to strike on Tuesday and waited four hours before Wednesday's meeting, said he started getting angry during the debate. "I felt it was a good debate, but I don't think players like it when they're angry at first, but it's gone later."

The strike, which began with a central contract and top-notch cricketers on Monday afternoon, attracted people from Dhaka's first division league on Wednesday.


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