Vote count underway in PS-11; polling agent submits report of PPP leaders’ visits to DIG – Pakistan

Voters went to the polls for the partial elections of PS-11 Larkana on Thursday, while presenting a detailed report to the deputy inspector general (DIG) of Larkana on visits by PPP leaders to polling stations.

Voting ended at 5 p.m. and the vote count is now underway.

The Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had announced partial elections in the PS-11 Larkana-II constituency after the dismissal of the Moazzam Abbasi MPA from the Great Democratic Alliance (GDA) by the Supreme Court in August.

During the voting process today, PPP politicians MNA Khursheed Junejo, Burhan Chandio and Sohail Anwar Siyal visited the polling stations, which the district return officer (DRO) said violated the rules.

The DRO submitted a detailed order to the DIG regarding their visits. In addition, the ECP monitoring team reported their visits and said they were obstructing the voting process by doing so.

According to the PPP spokesman, Junejo visited the 86th polling station for three minutes to discuss a personal matter with a party worker.

Meanwhile, PPP president Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said on Twitter: "The same electoral commission that unnecessarily deploys military troops within each polling station wants to prevent elected representatives from visiting voters on the day of the vote."

In his tweet, which did not mention Larkana polls, claiming it was a "blatant attempt to deprive PPP of an equal playing field."

In a later tweet, he said: "The only way to monitor and counter fraud attempts by the establishment is for elected members to exercise their democratic and constitutional rights. Any unconstitutional and illegal dictates must be resisted by democratic forces."

Earlier this week, the president of the PPP and other party leaders received a justified cause notice by the ECP for allegedly violating their code of conduct when visiting the constituency of the provincial assembly before the partial election.

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Partial elections convened in PS-11

GDA's Abbasi won the PS-11 in July 2018 after defeating Nida Khuhro, daughter of the experienced PPP politician and president of Sindh PPP, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, when her father was disqualified from participating in the elections after Abbasi challenged your documents before the ECP.

The ECP declared Abbasi as the winner in its notification issued on 10 August 2018. He had obtained 32.206 votes while Nida had obtained 21.825 votes. He then challenged his victory in the electoral court in a matter of days, which confirmed Abbasi's victory. He later took his case to the Supreme Court, which approved the verdict in his case on August 22.

The Abbasi of GDA was evicted and the superior court requested the ECP to hold partial elections in the PS-11. Subsequently, the ECP announced on October 17 (today) as the date of the elections.



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