Vancouver Mayor's Bass No Rage Punch on Evil Party 39

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Bas Rutten returns to part 2 of the "Punch No Punches" podcast special. He reflects his time in professional wrestling, talks about his relationship with actor Kevin James, including the best self-defense skills for street fights, jiu-jitsu battles, and more …

Time stamp:

  • 0:47-Relationship with actor Kevin James
  • 5: 45-MMA and Pro Wrestling Athletes
  • 7: 05-Bas Rutten's wrestling story
  • 10:20-Palm Strike Technology
  • 12: 55-Why Bas Rutten never fights again
  • 13: 45-Why the fighter can not retire
  • 15:55-Best Martial Arts for Self Defense
  • 19:00-Battle Jiu Jitsu
  • 21: 53-Why the mayor of Vancouver threatened Bas Luton


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