US State Dept ‘concerned’ over alleged detention of Gulalai Ismail’s father

— State Dept “recommended Pakistan to support civil rights for peaceful assembly, expression”

— Ismail fled to the United States in September after the Interior Ministry seized passports in March of this year.

Washington DC .: On Friday, the US State Department expressed concern about "reporting of continued harassment" on charges of detention of the rights activist Gulalai Ismail's family and her father.

Deputy Secretary of State Alice G. Wells, who is in charge of South Asian affairs at the State Department, said on Twitter: "Pakistan has encouraged people to uphold their rights to peaceful assembly, expression and due process."

On Thursday, Ismail tweeted that her father was picked up outside the Peshawar High Court (PHC) by "men in Malitai dresses."

Ismail criticized the Pakistani media's "silence" on charges of his father's abduction in the PHC premises in a follow-up that shared the news today.

“I have nothing to blame for the media's criminal silence. It became an ally [the] In enforcing undeclared martial law

In September, Ismail, the leader of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) national movement, fled to the United States. New York Times Reported at the time.

"She is now with her sister in Brooklyn and has applied for political asylum in the United States," the report said.

However, the situation in which Ismail escaped the country has been confiscated by the Ministry of Home Affairs since the end of March this year, “Islamabad High Court (IHC) permits. -Service Information (ISI).

In November last year, the IHC was informed that the ISI would recommend to the ECL the name of a rights activist asserting his anti-state activities.

When requested by New York Times The correspondent Ismail did not say how she ran away. “What I can say is that I didn't take a plane at the airport,” she replied briefly.

On October 2, an additional provincial and session court in Islamabad issued an unenforceable arrest warrant for Ismail in a case involving the malignation of state agencies.

The court ordered on October 21 that if the suspect did not appear, he could begin the process of proclaiming the sentenced offender. That day Ismail did not appear in court when in the United States.

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