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United States Educational Foundation Pakistan (USEFP) is an American-based foundation based in Pakistan. Founded jointly by the Pakistani government and the US government in 1950, the foundation consists of two committees consisting of members of the Pakistani Commission and members of the US Board of Directors. The chairman itself switches between Pakistan and the United States every year in an effort to promote equality.

Ugrad Scholarship

Over the years, the US Education Foundation Pakistan has been considered one of the 50 “Full Bright Commissions” available worldwide. Since its first foundation, the Commission has regularly sent Pakistani students to the United States to experience academic and cultural exchange. At the same time, Americans also had the opportunity to visit Pakistan. All this is done with the hope of creating mutual understanding between the two countries.

As part of this effort to promote the value of our two countries, the US Education Foundation Pakistan has received tremendous support from Pakistan and the US government. But this foundation should not be mistaken as an agency. The Foundation was established with the goal of sending and receiving students as part of the exchange, but the Foundation's main goal is to give the people of Pakistan a chance to experience lifelong American culture, as well as for Americans visiting Pakistan. well.


Global UGRAD-Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, also known as Pakistan – Pakistan is a program established in 2010 by the US Department of State's Bureau of Education and Culture. This program is a joint link between the American Education Foundation in Pakistan and the International Research and Exchange Commission.

In nearly a decade, the Global UGRAD-Pakistan program has received great attention from young college students, mainly college students. The program is aimed at undergraduates who hold Pakistani citizenship and are currently enrolled in Pakistani universities.

The purpose of this program is to provide academic and cultural exchange for Pakistani students. The non-degree program gives Pakistani students the opportunity to attend college in the United States. Through this program, the Foundation hopes to open its eyes to see Pakistani students being educated outside their home country.

Program value

Successful candidates of the Global Undergraduate Program 2020 in Pakistan will benefit from the generous benefits of the program to help ensure a smooth educational journey in Pakistan. The value of the program is as follows:

  1. All costs returned to the United States and Pakistan with round-trip airfare.
  2. Full tuition and additional fees of the Foundation.
  3. Accommodation during your stay in the United States.
  4. Paid meals throughout the stay.
  5. Allowances for educational materials such as textbooks.
  6. Health and travel insurance against accidents or illness.
  7. Monthly maintenance fee.


Before applying for the Global Undergraduate Program 2020 in Pakistan, all potential candidates must meet this criteria list to be eligible for the scholarship program. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. You must have legal citizenship in Pakistan.
  2. Under 25
  3. I am currently enrolled in a university or institution. In addition, when the program ends, candidates must return to their home university.
  4. Demonstrate strong leadership by participating in college or community activities (academic and non-academic).
  5. I am interested in learning and studying about the United States.
  6. Strongly believed in the pursuit of knowledge and repaid academic potential. This can be seen through grades, awards and letter letters.
  7. Demonstrated fluency in both written and spoken English (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS test scores).
  8. Scholars who have not had the opportunity to go abroad are given priority. This is done in an effort to promote diversity within the program area.

In addition to the eligibility criteria for the program, future candidates should consult these list of eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, if you meet any of these items, you will not be able to join this program. The ineligible list is as follows:

  1. Applicants currently holding dual US-Pakistan citizenship.
  2. Applicants who are currently US permanent residents.
  3. Candidates who have US citizenship or have a relationship with a US permanent resident (for example, a parent, spouse or fiance).
  4. Workers recruited by the Fulbright organization or the US Department of State and relatives (e.g. spouses, fiances, siblings, dependents, children and parents)
  5. Workers recruited by USAID or HEC and relatives (e.g. spouses, fiances, siblings, dependents, children and parents)
  6. Applicants currently undergoing their final year at university.

In an effort to increase the level of diversity within the program, the Global Undergraduate Program strongly encourages women, people with disabilities and individuals and women from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (FATA), AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan, Northen Sindh, and Southern regions. Punjab is applying for this program.

How to apply

Since October 2014, there have been some changes to the global undergraduate program application process, which includes a new online application process that is performed directly on the Foundation website. Therefore, there are new instructions provided by the committee. Due to the new changes, future applicants must pay attention to the application process to avoid false information. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Check for program availability before applying for the Global Undergraduate Program. The program usually takes place from September to October every year. You can check this by opening the flyer here.
  2. After verifying the program, you can begin the application process. All applications have been completed. online On the website. To access the application, please visit the website link here.
  3. All requested documents, such as copies of transcripts, such as a brief description of the grade level used by the university that issued the degree, must be scanned before submitting online.
  4. Regarding the documents, you need to check and confirm the documents at all applicable universities.
  5. Once you submit your online application, please wait for the confirmation email to be sent to your email.

The application process takes place online, so candidates do not have to mail documents to the Foundation. Besides, nail Submit the original document. You should always have a copy and prove it through legitimate management.

In addition, all applications and documents must be yours. Plagiarism or misrepresentation in the application process is strictly prohibited. If the Commission finds signs of plagiarism or false statements from candidates, it will automatically be disqualified immediately throughout the program.

Selection process

In general, the selection process for Pakistan's 2020 global undergraduate program is divided into four major rounds. Take a look at the description below to get a gist of what each round is like.

  • Primary: All online applications sent by candidates are inspected by USEFP staff. The staff will review the completeness of the application, as well as whether the application meets the minimum standards required.
  • Secondary: All applications already established according to the program's minimum qualifications are evaluated.
  • Third: Candidates must participate in a direct interview in Islamabad between January and February. Candidates will be interviewed by US and Pakistani citizens.
  • Fourth: All candidates will be notified by phone (selected candidate) and email (unsuccessful candidate). This will be carried out in April-May.


Are you ready to apply for Pakistan's Global Undergraduate Program 2020? It is better to start preparations as the deadline is near. 20 November 2019. We recommend collecting all requirements from now on to ensure a fast and efficient application process. If you do not meet any of the program requirements, you are outside the program's responsibilities and the committee will automatically dismiss your application.

Official contact

Still have questions about Pakistan's Global Undergraduate Program 2020? We've got you covered! For more information or details about the above program, please refer to one of the three representatives below. Scholars around the world, happy support!


Mail: P.O Box 1128, Islamabad
Phone: (+9251) 8431300
Fax: (+9251) 8431555
Email: [email protected]


Mail: P.O Box 1225, Lahore
Phone: (+9242) 35762466-7


Mail: P.O. Box 13806, Karachi
Phone: (+9221) 32630670

General information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 051-8431300


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