UFC 243: Whittaker vs. Adesanya Main Card live results, discussions, play

As UFC 243 descends from Marble Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, join Bloody Elbow today for live results, discussions, round scoring and play-by-play.

The main event is the UFC middleweight title unification match between full champion Robert Whittaker and interim champion Israel Adesanya. Co-main comes out in the lightweight segment with Al Iaquinta’s acquisition of Dan Hooker.

This post covers basic PPV cards.

The show takes place in Australia but at regular North American times. Start your Fight Pass with ET 6:45 (ET). The card then goes to ESPN2 at 8 pm ET, plays four more matches, and then goes to the default PPV card at 10 pm ET. The full lineup and schedule are as follows: Spare cards are treated as separate posts.

Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds for each matchup.

Robert Whittaker vs. Israel Adesanya

Round 1 -Side kick on Adesanya’s lap from Whittaker. He charges with a punch Kick The Legs At Ade Sanya. Counter straight from Adesanya. Whittaker had a good opportunity, but did not miss any follow up. Adesanya lands ja outside of the visible range. Whittaker is really moving forward. Whittaker fires a shot and lands the right hook. Adesanya on the left. Whittaker misses with a head kick. Quick clinch. Counter just above the top at Whittaker. Mini Superman Punch Whitker. They exchange leg kicks. Adesanya misses a question mark kick and Whittaker blocks the next head kick. Whittaker misses another big right. Whitaker with leg kick. Adesanya is out of range. Bridge kicks at Whittaker. Right for Whittaker. Adesanya drops Whittaker from the short right right horn! Whittaker woke up immediately, but was slightly stunned. Last second knockdown 10-9 Ade Sagna.

Round 2 Whittaker jumped to the huge left. He pressed somewhere else and landed. A third of Adesanya throws a kick. Whittaker lands again! b and Adesanya. Whittaker is chasing a bit. Whittaker’s Long b. Adesanya’s short counter right hook lands again. Whittaker shakes the head kick even if it blocks it. Adesanya now goes to the body Whitaker with a combo inside. Hard to Whittaker when Adesanya was as b. Whittaker’s left ring. They trade left and Whittaker makes a head kick. Whitaker kicks in the hind legs when Adesanya has a head kick. Counter straight from Whittaker. There is a big whicker on the left side, but eat the counter and drop it again! Adesanya is all over! We have a new champion!

Israel Adesanya, defeated Robert Whittaker through KO in 2:33 of 2nd round

Al Iaquinta vs Dan Hooker

Round 1 -Iaquinta is spinning outside. Kick the legs from the hooker. again. jab. Iaquinta fakes the takedown and lands the right. Hook another leg of hooker. Other. They swap shots. Hooker Gets Shot Iaquinta got down on his knees but he seems to have stepped on our side wrong. Iaquinta with the right. Hooker to the left. Iaquinta catches a kick that seems to catch him in the cup. The referee asked to stop it, but Al says no. Do the referees agree? Holy fuck? Anyway, Iaquinta hangs him across the cage but can’t do anything. Hooker turns him and beats him with elbows and punches He brings his back to the triangle of the body. I have a problem with Iaquinta. Hooker is looking for choking. Iaquinta comes to the side to remove the triangle of the body. He can’t throw a hook yet. He must escape! Go back to your feet for 50 seconds. B and low kick from hooker. Another leg kick takes Iaquinta when he throws a punch. Shot From The Hooker Iaquinta shakes 10-9 hooker.

Round 2 Hooker’s b. Iaquinta fakes an ankle pick and strongly turns left. Iaquinta With A Leg Kick. Hooker With Double B And Low Kick Ragin & # 39; Al’s b Iaquinta misses with a head kick Kick off at Hooker Trip Iaquinta. Hooker comforts him. Iaquinta for light leg kicks and body shots. He comes through the best wit. And another. Hooker tries to reset the range. They exchange kicks. They are left trading. Another low kick and hooker in front of the ship. Shot From The Hooker Iaquinta tries to kick and take down, but Hooker rejects him. Hooker back to standing position Hooker’s awesome combo, he drops Iaquinta to the beautiful left! Hooker jumps on him and lands a big shot. Iaquinta is holding on! Iaquinta wears an ankle lock and looks for it. Hooker shakes his finger! 10-9 hooker.

3 rounds -Hooker’s right hook. Iaquinta reached the left side of Iaquinta with a combo hooker whose head kick was blocked. They make long shots. Hooker b and counter elbow. Iaquinta with a body kick and b but on the body but hooker fires again. Counter with two rights left from hooker. The egg shoots from the outside, but nothing happens. Kicking Head Again From Hooker Hard at Iaquinta. His face is cut off. Kick two feet in Iaquinta. Ja from Hooker. Another good right of Iaquinta. But only one. They both landed on the body. Hooker’s bs. Iaquinta with the right. He landed to the left. Hooker scores on the body. Straight left at the hooker. Another leg kick goes over Iaquinta. Hooker With Two Late Jas 10-9 and 30-27 hookers.

Dan Hooker defeated Al Iaquinta by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Thai Tuy Vasa vs. Sergey Spy Bark

Round 1 -Tuivasa pushes Spivak out with his legs fully extended! Wow! He landed a hammer piste. Another low leg kick and uppercut of Tuivasa. The right to land too. When Spiebach grabs the car, he lowers Tui Basa. Tai climbs up to the cage. And he does. Tuivasa’s leg kick, Spivak b. Left at Bam Bam. Short elbow. There is a Spivak throwing head and arms, but Tuivasa is immediately up and running. The leg kick is retaken and Spivak lowers Tuivasa in the middle of the cage. Spivak tried to use the side headlock to keep Tuivasa in place, but it doesn’t work. Tuivasa hugs Low kick. Another head and arm throw! beautiful. The side headlock and Spivak are landing punches. But it’s not difficult. Tuivasa is in danger with a headlock but pops out from behind. They trade right. Another takedown of Spivak. He works in half. 10-9 spirbark.

Round 2 Spivak bs. He shot Tuy Vasa on the mat against the cage. He tries to go back but Tuy Vasa went up. He broke his elbow. They exchange bs. And right. Cross score on left of Tuy Vasa. He avoids another throw. Big uppercut from Spivak, and he shoots back. He receives a takedown It’s like eight takedowns in the first half. He backs down and mounts. Stiff on spivak and elbows. Bam Bam is open. Spivak has big rights and is looking for an arm triangle but is facing a fence. He puts Tuivasa’s body away from the cage and unknowingly chokes him! Crazy!

Sergey Spivak defeated Thai Tuy Vaasa by submitting a second round (3:14).

Luke Zhou Mau vs. Diego Lima

Round 1 -Jumeau with the leg kick. Lima is looking for b. Start slowly. Another outside leg kick of Jumeau. Lima low leg kick. One of Lima’s bs already has a bleeding nose in Jumeau. Lima is kicking back but Jumeau checks it out. Same order. In the middle of the round. Jumeau with low kicks. Shoots in Lima, but stings in the eyes. The documentation checked but that’s ok. Quick restart. Jumeau’s b. They trade low kicks. Jumeau to the counter right. They swap shots. Jumeau’s right ring is blocked. I don’t score much. 10-9 I think Lima.

Round 2 Lima starts the flush leg kick early and Jumeau goes down for a while. He wakes up and tries to light it with a kick, but Lima catches him up and goes back. Some punches from Lima. Jumeau woke him up and woke up. Lima takes another kick but can’t take him down this time. Clinch battle. They break. Lima lands a leg kick and the left side. Jumeau doesn’t have much for him. And as I said, Jumeau is finally angry and both see the big scene. Uppercut Jumeau, Lima has a wide left ring. Lima takes him down Jumeau from the horn. 10-9 Lima.

3 rounds Lima immediately goes to a low kick. But Jumeau lifts her leg to avoid it. Lima is 1-2. He scores with a low kick. Jumeau can not receive the score. Ja from Lima. Jumeau jumped into the right ring. Lima lands his land. Lima With Hard Leg Legs Jumeau tried to increase the output. Lima finds two takedowns for the cage. It’s me. Jumeau With Uppercut Eats Counter Another low leg kick from Lima. Jumeau uses combos. Lima shoots twice but is refilled. It’s single now and he can’t get it. Jumeau’s knee. The kick kick from Jumeau. Another, and right hook. 10-9 and 30-27 Lima.

Dhiego Lima beat Luke Jumeau through a split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

Justin Tapa vs Intercontinental De Castro

Round 1 -Tapas come forward and each person gets a big punch. They are arguing Body kick from De Castro. Knee at Tapa. They fight us A few shots of the body. De Castro de Castro’s knee. In cuts the uppercuts and they broke. Uppercut back from tapa. De Castro came in and slept with a big right by Tapa! One chance!

Jordan de Castro defeated Justin Tapa through KO (right ring) in 1st round 2:10.

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