UAE offers Pakistan access to its labour market database – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has offered Pakistan access to its labor market database, which would help boost the export of the Pakistani workforce to the Gulf state.

According to a press release, the offer was extended by the UAE Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization (Mohre) Nasser Bin Thani Al Hameli during a meeting with the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Pakistan Abroad and Human Resources Development, Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari said outside the 5th ministerial session of the Abu Dubai Dialogue.

The initiative would provide Pakistan with up-to-date information on job opportunities in the UAE labor market, as well as allowing it to train the workforce according to market demand.

Bukhari informed his counterpart that Pakistan wanted to integrate a digital platform with the UAE to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process, in addition to minimizing its cost. The country was ready to link its digital platform with the UAE, he added.

Both parties also agreed to activate the joint committee formed for the implementation of the recently signed memorandum of understanding to guarantee the protection of the rights of Pakistani workers and resolve their legal labor disputes in the UAE.

It was also decided to prepare a three-year plan for the recruitment of the Pakistani workforce.

Bukhari said Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government fulfilled its promise to provide respectable jobs to young people locally and internationally, adding that the country's economy was moving in the right direction under the leadership of the first Minister Imran Kan.

He said the government had been taking practical steps to create job opportunities for young people inside and outside the country. Labor exports experienced a 51 percent increase during the first seven months of the PTI government, he added.

Posted on Dawn, October 20, 2019



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