Turkish president to visit Pakistan on 23rd – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will make an official visit to Pakistan on October 23 to consolidate relations between the two countries and extend full support for Pakistan's position on the issue of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan telephoned the Turkish president on Friday and said Erdogan would visit Pakistan "later this month."

According to the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO), Mr. Khan telephoned the Turkish president to exchange views on recent events and informed him that Pakistan fully understood Turkey's concerns regarding terrorism.

The PMO quoted the prime minister as saying: “As a country that has lost more than 70,000 lives due to terrorism and withstood the burden of more than three million refugees for decades, Pakistan is fully aware of the threats and challenges facing Turkey for having lost 40,000 of its inhabitants to terrorism. "

The prime minister said that, as always, Pakistan was in full support and solidarity with Turkey.

"We pray that Turkey's efforts to improve security, regional stability and the peaceful resolution of the Syrian situation will be totally successful."

On the next visit of the Turkish president to Pakistan, the prime minister said: "The government and the people of Pakistan hope to warmly welcome President Erdogan on his next visit to Pakistan later this month."

Apart from the session of the UN General Assembly, Pakistani, Turkish and Malaysian leaders met and decided to launch a joint international English television channel on the pattern of BBC.

Posted on Dawn, October 12, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1510397/turkish-president-to-visit-pakistan-on-23rd


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