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Texas policeman faces murder charges after killing black woman in her home

According to the police, a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, was detained for murder in a fatal shooting of a 28-year-old black woman on Monday.

Atatiana Jefferson shot at the window at 2:30 am on Saturday, when Aaron Dean officer cared for his eight-year-old nephew.

Dean answered a phone call from a neighbor who said Jefferson's door was open. The police resigned from the police station on Monday.

Aaron Dean was arrested by Fort Worth Police on October 14. Dean was charged with murder of Atatiana Jefferson. Dean is in Tarant County Penitentiary, ”Fort Worth police said on Twitter.

The division said that interim ad hoc Edwin Kraus will hold a press conference on the arrest Monday. Dean received $ 200,000 in bonds.

Earlier that day, Kraus told reporters that he could not "understand" the case.

Kraus told reporters, "Because the officer did not resign, he would have fired him for several policy violations." "Despite resignation, police officers are still facing criminal charges."

On Monday, Jefferson's family called for federal prosecution and Dean's rapid prosecution.

Kraus said the police filed a case with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to review Dean's actions on possible civil law violations.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said the city will bring a panel of national experts to review police experts.

"Nothing can justify what happened on Saturday morning," Price said.

Jefferson was accused of killing and killing an unarmed blackman, Botham Jean, inside his apartment the same month ago, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger.

The body camera video footage shows Dean and his partner approaching Jefferson's house with a flashlight. Dean suddenly screams through the bedroom window and says, "Raise your hand and show me."

Kraus said the two officers entered the backyard without knocking on the front door of the house.

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