Surjith will be saved by 10am, Live updates about 2-yr old Surjith rescue operations #savesujith

Save the balance

On the night of October 27 and Deepavali, but still trying to rescue Surgis, who fell into the Naru Kattupatti well near Mana Pra Rai in the Trichy area. ONGC owned league machine brought to the center bar. A large vehicle with a 96-ton engine was damaged and did not arrive on schedule. After the repair, the trip was resumed. The road leading to Narukattupatti, where Surjith is attached, is very narrow and delayed.

UPDATE – Six firefighters enter the tunnel to save Surjith – operations- live update -savesujith / 8959 /

The league is currently equipped with a rig machine. Rescuers are very careful not to get the soil buried. Because the soil is very heavy. A nearby point is visible and a 100 foot deep bore well is dug with a 2 meter footpath near the point where other bore wells are present. Plan to connect both sides to rescue Surjith. Shiva Rasa Gurutrich region collector said the work will begin at 5 am. The engine is running until 6 pm and is probably overdue. It takes 4 hours to drill a hole. Firefighters Kannadashan, Dilip Kumar and Mani Khandan will come down and recover. Therefore, the rescue team is expected to recover Surjith by 10 am.

#savesujith is still popular all over the world with prayers coming from every corner. People are frustrated and share their views online, but the government is working in war mode in this rescue operation.


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