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Sujith Live Updates – New Rig Machine Drilling in Progress, Deputy CM OPS has assured everything is done to rescue the child alive

Save the balance
Save the balance

At 12 am on Monday, October 28, 2019, the new equipment was up three times faster than the existing one. Unfortunately, new equipment that can penetrate 10 feet an hour is unfortunately struggling to drill this rock. Since the blade dulls easily, you need to keep it fixed before restarting the process.
October 28, 9:30 am Update – Drilling Machine Having Difficulties Drilling Rough Rocks, Sujith Life Status Unknown

The CM OPS bureau visited Nedunkattupatti to oversee the rescue operation, met with the media and updated the rescue operation. The press competition took place six hours ago and the official drilling state at that time was 38 feet. He assured that everything was done in war mode to save the children and that measures would be taken to close all unmanned bore wells throughout Tamil Nadu.

When inquiring about Surjith's health condition, he said that five ambulances were ready to save him, and a medical camp with a team of doctors was watching Surjith. At this time there is no movement from him and is trapped at 88 feet. Oxygen is supplied undisturbed and says we should do our best to hope.

Now the new rig is fueled and the drilling process is still going fast. There is no official confirmation, but it is expected to dig more than 50 feet so far. The new league machine has been in operation for the last six hours. The team of sevens, ready to enter the borewell, is undergoing training and procedures on how to do side training and how to rescue the child after drilling. Look forward to the update! Pray for the safe recovery of Surjith and comment on thoughts and prayers.



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