Sujith Live Updates – Boring machine used to drill through rocks at multiple places, it may take 12 more hours to finish the rescue process

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Update – Sujith returned to a boring place and was restored afterwards.
Another update from TheNewsCrunch team on Surjith's rescue work. At 3pm, the rescue process is still in progress so there is no good news for the readers. They found a way to thin hard rock in the following ways: Using a regular boring machine (6 inch articulated hauler), drill the hard rock inside the 1 meter hole drilled by the rig machine for 48 meters.

This ordinary boring machine can be drilled easily when drilling in a place with a lot of hard rock. Difficult equipment can drill several holes adjacent to each other, so a powerful equipment machine can make the holes bigger. Firefighters can participate in rescue operations.

It can take 12 hours because the rock is so hard that it is necessary to constantly change the teeth of the rig machine. Twelve are ready to go into the hole to rescue the child, Surjith is regularly oxygenated, but his condition is unknown because it is so difficult to analyze the state of his life at the stage.

Over time, counseling is offered to Surjith's parents as their chances of survival are reduced. Therefore, the rescue process is carried out at maximum speed. Pray for his quick recovery and share your thoughts and prayers in the comments section below.


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