Sindh cabinet approves law to provide treatment to injured persons without following MLO formalities – Pakistan

Sindh Prime Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday approved the rules of the Sindh Compulsory Injured Persons Treatment Act (Amal Umer) of 2019, under which hospitals are required to provide immediate treatment to anyone injured without "complying with medical-legal formalities".

"A private hospital wasted 40 minutes of a child's life due to medical-legal formalities," Prime Minister Shah said, referring to the death of Amal Umer, 10, at today's provincial cabinet meeting.

"We have to put an end to this, we can't allow anyone [jeopardise] someone's life by medical-legal formalities. "

Shah added that the Sindh government will also establish a fund for the treatment of injured people.

The law, approved by the Assembly of Sindh after the death of Amal Umer, requires hospitals, both private and governmental, to provide treatment to any injured person "without delay, as a priority, without complying with the doctor." legal or demand payment before the administration of compulsory medical treatment ".

Under the law, the police will not be allowed to "interrupt or interfere" until the person is considered out of danger. Doctors will also not be required to obtain the consent of family members while providing mandatory treatment.

Last year, Amal had suffered gunshot wounds during an exchange of gunfire between police and thieves during a "meeting" in Karachi. According to her mother, she was taken to the National Medical Center, where the child was denied treatment and the family was told to take her to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center or the Aga Khan University Hospital. Umar died due to the delay in treatment.

His death had caused public anger and questions were raised about police performance and hospital negligence in such cases.

Transgender representation

The prime minister also approved a 0.5 percent job quota for transgender people in all government departments, and said he wants to "bring the transgender community to the mainstream" and turn it into "productive citizens."

He directed transgender people to make sure they have all the relevant documents before applying for work. He also urged them to "focus on education."

Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab, at a press conference held after the cabinet meeting, said that earlier this year, the provincial government had reserved a 0.5pc job quota only for transgender people in the department of cop. The same quota will now be reserved for members of the transgender community in all government departments.


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