SHC seeks reports from hospitals as concerns over mouth cancer grow

On Wednesday, the Sind High Court (SHC) ordered the Director of Health, and district and session judges ordered reports from local governments and private hospitals regarding the treatment of oral cancer patients over the past five years.

SHC's department bench led by Attorney General Salahuddin Panhwar is the main reason for the prevalence of oral cancer in Pakistan is gutka, mainpuri and mawa.

The High Court has expressed concern over reports submitted by the Jinna Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) Cancer Ward Officer over the past five years, with up to 18,614 cancer patients treated in JPMC over the past five years, of which 9,453 were oral cancers.

JPMC Cancer Ward officials claimed that betel nut causes cancer. The government can therefore be instructed to enact bans and to legislate accordingly. SHC instructed the Health Department to make a law taking into account the opinion of the Cancer Registry on Betel Nut.

The High Court was notified that the FIRs were charged with illegal use of gutka, mainpuri, mawa and betel nuts. Local attorneys say that raw materials used to prepare gutka, mainpuri and mawa along with imported gutka, mainpuri and other tobacco chewing products of this type will come from other countries by smuggling and coast guards and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) Submitted ) Is privileged on this and does nothing. The SHC instructed LEAs posted at the border to stop smuggling of such articles.

The federal attorneys filed that Pakistan Rangers could be instructed to initiate crackdowns on manufacturers and smugglers with the help of police. The SHC instructed the Rangers Secretary to ensure full support of the police in resolving these threats, and the paramilitary could take independent actions against smugglers and manufacturers, but these actions were limited to the arrest and seizure of property. . The law must later go through its own process according to the procedure.

SHC also instructed the Coast Guard to take strict measures against Janka smugglers.

Imran Shehzad, the applicant who filed an application to become an arbitrator in the petition, submitted that the Secretary-General of the Sindh Food Authority could instruct an air raid in various places in connection with the illegal sale and purchase of the article. He argued that police officials were involved in promoting such threats and that 10 million rupees a day were used as bribes for Mochko police caring for the Balochistan border in Karachi.

He submitted that about 17,000 tons of Janka-like articles were seized in one place, but only 6,000 kg were shown. He informed SHC that gutka, mainpuri and mawa consumers are mainly in the poor, and about 70% of these classes in Karachi, Tharparkar, Badin, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sujawal areas are addicted to these dangerous items.

The state attorney has filed that the laws on the manufacture, sale and purchase of gutka and mainpuri provide up to six years of sentences for manufacturers and one year for users. He argued that such punishment was not enough to bring about deterrence. The Attorney General has submitted a bill and report to the local council within one week of the bill on legislation concerning Janca, Maine Puri and other hazardous goods based on tobacco, betel nuts and other toxic substances, to the standing committee on law and parliamentary matters. SHC turned the manufacturer of such items into responsible for financial gain.

High courts observed that money lost at the expense of the state's young blood should be used to wash such blood. Bench observed that during the legislation, such aspects should be taken into account when determining the amount of punishment.

Regarding the police's involvement in promoting the Good Cars and Maine Puri and seizing the 17,000 tonnes of Good Cars, SHC found it appropriate for direct charges of illegally treating such huge amounts of Good Cars. Sind IGP should investigate and submit a report.

SHC has observed that there is no internal policy mechanism for checking police criminal activity. We also observed that the ongoing business of gutka, mainpuri and such items is a failure of the LEA.

The High Court instructed the IGP and additional IGs to request SHO's explanations when gutka, mainpuri and similar items were prepared and sold in their jurisdiction. He also ordered the Attorney General, Health Secretary and Food Commissioner to submit a compliance report by November 18.



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