Shahbaz announces PML-N’s ‘full participation’ in JUI-F’s Azadi March – Pakistan

The president of PML-N, Shahbaz Sharif, announced Friday "full support" of PML-N for the "March" of Azula of the head of JUI-F, Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

He said a mass demonstration will be held in Islamabad on October 31 to present a joint list of opposition demands.

"Despite the support Imran Khan enjoys, he has failed the country and is carrying the burden of his failures on the shoulders of our institutions," Sharif said, while addressing a press conference in Lahore.

"If even the furthest governments had received only 25 percent of the support they received, then Pakistan would have skyrocketed in the skies of progress," he continued.

"From Karachi to Peshawar, the entire nation agrees that this government should go home and, as soon as possible, new elections should be held," Sharif said.

"I have the greatest respect for Maulana […] We have received instructions for the Azadi March that has undertaken, from Mian Nawaz, our quaid, in a letter

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"On October 31, we will ensure our full participation in the march and we will be there in Islamabad to welcome you. We will hold a mass demonstration to express our demands and then decide on the next course of action," said PML -N president.

Sharif said it's not just him, but "all of Pakistan that agrees with [Fazlur Rehman] about the fact that [under] the selected government and the selected prime minister, [the country has witnessed] in the last year, the worst performance in all fields, be it education or health. "

Rehman, taking the microphone, said the JUI-F has made its final decision on when to enter the capital city.

"We have decided to enter Islamabad on October 31 so that the near and far caravans can enter as one."

"I thank all political parties for expressing their full support for participation in this march. Certainly, when the entire nation enters Islamabad, we will proceed to a full consultation with all opposition parties. All future decisions will be taken in consultation. joint between the parties. " "

The head of the JUI-F reiterated his party's position that the acting government is "illegally named" and "incompetent."

"This can be obtained from their conversations and gestures in which, on the one hand, they can be seen forming committees for negotiations and, on the other, they criticize us," Rehman said.

"Criticism, verbal abuse, negotiations and seriousness can never exist together," he added. "If the government is serious, you must first submit a waiver and then we can hold discussions about future actions."

"Holding conversations before delivering a resignation, in our eyes, makes no sense," said the head of the JUI-F.

Sharif, then, took the lead once again, to emphasize the fact that October 27 will be observed in full solidarity with the cashmere. "We will raise our voice for their rights and for their freedom."

He also rejected the "mantra often repeated by the government" that the economy was left in serious trouble by the PML-N government.

"The economy was in a very healthy state when the PTI government came to power," he insisted.

"I say even today, that if PML-N and the opposition have the opportunity to serve the nation, following the results of a new election, no matter who comes to power, I promise that we will have the economy running" within six months, "Sharif demanded loudly.

"We will work hard day and night to eliminate unemployment, poverty and disease as we did for a dengue outbreak, the way we install power plants under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. The way we take Pakistan to new heights , we will do it one more time.

"This is our only consideration. This government has destroyed Pakistan and we [have what it takes] have Pakistan back on its feet, "Sharif said.



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