Several lawmakers call Apple and Blizzard in joint letter

Several US lawmakers wrote Apple and Blizzard Entertainment this week to compose two partisan letters condemning the two companies' recent decisions to calm down China.

The first letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed "strong concern" regarding the decision to remove HKMap from the company's App Store. HKMap allows users to keep tabs on police occupation and has been utilized by Hong Kong activists in terms of democracy in ongoing discussions. Apple removed the app earlier this month, claiming it was being used for criminal activity. The developers of HKMap later said there was no evidence to support the claim.

"With tools like HKMap in the face of ruthless repression, we can share places where peaceful demonstrators can avoid peaceful demonstrators and avoid damage." “These cases [a] Real concern about whether Apple and other large US companies will devise increased demand in China without losing access to 1 billion Chinese consumers. ”

Senators who cooperated with this letter were: Alexandria O Casio-Cottes (D-New York), Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin), Senator Ron Widen (D-Oregon), Senator Ted Cruz (R- Texas), Senate Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and Senate Tom Malinowski (D-New Jersey).

The second letter was approved by the same members of parliament and delivered to Robert Kotick, CEO of Blizzard parent company Activision Blizzard. Like the first letter, lawmakers criticized the company's recent decision, including a decision to ban competitors. hearthstone After expressing support for Hong Kong protesters

Hearthstone Player Chung Ng Wai
Hearthstone Player Chung Ng Wai

Lawmakers argue that “the company supports the right to express personal thoughts and opinions. "Because your company is the pillar of the gaming industry, disappointing decisions can have a chilling impact on gamers who want to use the platform to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms."

Other incidents not addressed in the letter but related to the company's criticism include Blizzard Entertainment's issuance of a ban to three college students for six months. Heath stone After the match, the trio players received a “Free Hong Kong Boycott Blizz” sign. The company also banned anyone who posted comments about Pro Hong Kong. hearthstone Switch chat.

The protests began in opposition to the proposed Indian legislation in March and have since been expanded to include other complaints and demands for democracy.

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