#SaveSujith Trending Worldwide on Twitter, Everything about 2-yr old Sujith Vinsen Rescue Operation who fell inside 25-ft Borewell

Save the balance

Sujith Vinsen is a two-year-old child who falls into a 25-foot borewll, and rescue work is in full swing. Sujith is from Nadukattupatti, near Mannapari in the Trichy region. Rescue work began at 6 pm yesterday evening at 6 pm. Now it is over 12 hours and the authorities have protected the crowds so that they can focus on pulling the children out of the drilling.

Sujith's mother attended and wants to talk to her to stay strong during rescue work. When my mother said I was here, I was informed that Susie replied, "Yes." #savesujith is trendy all over the world and everyone is doing their best to save their 2 year old child. Everyone is praying for a safe structure, and authorities are trying to tie a knot on one side of Suzy's arm and lift it with a rope from the other. This is not the first time such a situation has occurred in Tamil Nadu, and authorities are requesting to close unused drilling to prevent such an accident. "Aram" was a Tamil film based on a true event.

Recto Arogaraj and Kalairani are from Nadukattupatti villages near Manaparai in the Trichy region. My two year old son is Susie Vinsen. I played at home as usual at 5 pm yesterday. Sujith Vinsen could not dig an unexpectedly abandoned 30-foot deep hole. When I heard the sound of the baby, the baby was about 20 feet deep. The family was shocked. They informed the Mana Parai Fire Service. Four boglin machines were dug near the deep well. But the vibration of the grooves stopped drilling, and the soil fell on the child. After that, Manikandan from Madurai and Namakkal Daniel came to Manapparai and found a baby. At first, decided to tie one hand up, pull the child up, and then pull the other.

At 4 am, the rescue team made a serious effort. However, the baby had too many fundamental problems and had a lot of difficulties getting into the hands. At 2 o'clock in the morning, the baby got too much water in the body and slipped into the abyss for 20 feet. Baby Surits, 15 feet deep, are now in the 70-foot abyss. Can you drill a hole and recover? The National Disaster Rescue Squadron is currently located in Mannar. Rescuers must continue to fight for the baby. The villagers are very angry.

Our TheNewsCrunch prays for the safe rescue of Sujith Vinsen. We will update this as more development progresses.


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