Samsung patents unreleased AR headset design

On Monday, October 21, a report appeared highlighting Apple's research on augmented reality headsets, but Apple isn't the only company developing new technologies. Indeed, a new design patent has been found to be the first to see the upcoming Samsung augmented reality headset. This patent was first discovered by the Galaxy Club.

When it comes to consumer augmented reality, most companies are working towards headsets that look as natural as possible, but these headsets are used for other purposes. Instead, the headset seems to have to be worn for a specific purpose rather than for everyday activities.

Samsung augmented reality headset patent AR

As described in the patent, the headset itself provides two displays, one for each eye, and looks like a cable along the right arm. This cable may be for connecting the headset to a phone or other device, or to a module containing a processor and other internal components. Or it may be for charging the cable.

Samsung has a history in mixed reality, but it seems to be out of concept in the last few years. The company partnered with Oculus on its Gear VR headset, but in 2017, the last iteration of the device was released. In addition to the interest in mobile VR, in general, interest in mobile VR has decreased a bit. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung handset that doesn't support technology in the last few years. Google is following a similar path. A few years ago, Google was pushing the Daydream virtual reality platform, its interest in the platform diminished, and the Pixel 4 doesn't support Daydream.

But augmented reality can change everything. The ultimate goal of augmented reality is to be able to display maps, notifications, and more on a headset that looks like ordinary glasses.

Nevertheless, just because Samsung has a patent for augmented reality headsets does not mean that this will eventually be released. In other words, many companies over the next few years are likely to launch some sort of augmented reality product given the fact that Apple is working on devices for the 2020 release.

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