Rising tide of Islamophobia

A few months after the horrible and shocking massacre of Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, Isla Morphovium hate is increasing not only in Western countries, Russia or China, but almost all over the world. This is not another bad news or another unhappy and unhappy tendency. More than that. A wave of hatred against Muslims makes the daily lives of Muslims living in the west or elsewhere a painful and challenging struggle. The pouring out of compassion for the victims of the Christchurch mosque shooting has eased some of the pain, but the hateful rhetoric sprayed by right-wing or white supremacists has grown in intensity as Islamic phobias continue to increase. Lost. In countries like China and Myanmar, Muslims are systematically oppressed. The largest detention centers after World War II are run by China to retrain millions of Muslims. Not to mention the silence of the international community on fears that can not be expressed in words experienced by Roh Hingya Muslims. Islamic phobias or anti-Muslims have fears, alienation, alienation and other circumstances that Muslims must live. The appearance of populist right-wing leaders in European countries contributed to the trend of irrational fears, and some commentators such as Yasmeen Qureshi pointed to the existence of Islamic phobia, which Bolton's Labor MP and Shadow Attorney General were institutionalized in the European Union. Right-wing populists exercise power in some European countries, such as Hungary, where Viktor Orban is prime minister, in the form of discriminatory trade policies against Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey. Other populist leaders who have benefited from anti-Muslim investigations have recently gained greater political power in countries such as Marine Lefen (France), Matteo Salbini (Italy), Gerd Wilder (Netherlands), and Heinz-Christian Strathsch. . (Austria) Give some names. Far-right parties and transnational organizations such as Peggy (German-based), European Defense League (EDL), British Defense League, Austrian Liberal Party, etc., have unprecedentedly increased the number of members:

According to various news reports, Islamic phobia in Asia is increasing at a confusing rate. According to foreign policy magazine reports, after the terrible Christchurch shooting, Islamic phobia Mongering touches new horizons in China's local social media apps. According to the same magazine, Muslim groups in China are increasingly being attacked by groups classified as "halal halal," such as breaking windows and reporting minorities to the police. The DW reported that anti-Muslim hatred propaganda by extremist Buddhists had been strengthened over the years in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In Myanmar, there is an unprecedented level of Muslim persecution, and the Myanmar government is acting as a silent spectator. Aung San Suu Kye, once a prominent Democrat and a symbol of human rights, has revealed himself as another populist leader who will make no minimal effort to protect his Muslim compatriots from prominent slaughter. India, the world's most populous, is no stranger to the world's Islamic phobia monster, especially after the Hindu nationalist BJP came to power in 2013. Muslim riots and mobs for cattle slaughter and faint accusations of love have become the norm of Modi's shining India.

Throughout Anglophone democracy, the online subculture of white supremacy neo-Nazi ideology is based on anti-Semitism and Islamic phobia. This subculture deems it right to mock and criticize Islamic culture as barbaric, primitive, sexist, alien, slandering them by generalizing stereotypes and dealing with fear, riots and terrors. Obscene conspiracy theories such as mass substitution, white genocide, and Euravia are being approved online on the abomination of anti-hate anti-immigration agendas, especially for Muslim immigrants residing in Europe. This transnational online subculture supports the use of violence against Muslims and supports doing something in real life rather than online behavior to prevent Muslims from occupying Europe. Songs such as video games like the Muslim massacre (released under the screen name sigvatre in 2008), kebab removal and numerous hate memes have been created and are spreading online to arouse Islamic hatred and morbid fear against Muslims.

The growing morbid phobia of Islam and its followers in the modern globalized world is of great interest to many, and the enormity and intensity of this hatred questioned what we would do with this monster and what it would do To have. The future of millions of Muslims in Europe, America, India and China. Why are you so hate? How can a Muslim cope with this extremely difficult situation? And most importantly, what can be the result of this increasing Islamic phobia? Is a Muslim ready to cope with the consequences? Muslims are worried about what will happen to their children in the future. Because they feel they're living in a time that's borrowed and that's terrible enough to happen, such as the Holocaust, Pogrom or Recoquista.

It is clear that Muslims must prove their loyalty to the host country every day under stressful conditions and cannot live a normal, healthy life, which constantly reminds them that they really belong elsewhere. It is really difficult to live a normal life in which the entire Muslim is a monolithic whole and is responsible for the violent actions of some fringe groups.

Although a minority in the West, but a minority in the West, supports this view of Islamic phobia, in Europe countries respect for law and human rights is strong, but it is still impossible for Muslims to live or grow in the West, but this is important Islamic phobia problem Moment to take it seriously. With increasing power and popularity with Europe's most legitimate political parties, it is very important to study, understand, and resolve the causes of dialogue phobias, while at the same time starting conversations. Large-scale migration of Muslim populations to European countries is one of the reasons, but negative public perceptions of Muslims are not the only causes of the most prominent European countries in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Greece. Muslim migration to these countries is much smaller compared to France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, where the public's perception of Muslims is relatively better than Hungary, Italy, and Poland.

Big questions remain about what the Muslim community and the Muslim government can do to improve this situation. How can the tension between Islamic followers and other religious followers be improved? Is it time for you to think hard about why some Europeans hate Muslims and Islam and why political parties are increasing power and popularity?

Now is the time for Muslim leaders to pave the way for Muslim integration in Western society and to emphasize the value added to the richness of Western culture and services provided by Muslim immigrants for the development of the European economy. Since every country will have multicultural cities and cities for decades to come, there is an urgent need for mutual understanding between different religions, cultures and civilizations. Muslims should increase their understanding of modern Western values ​​and embrace these values ​​when living in the West. Islamic governments in important Islamic countries such as Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia must invest money in some sort of scholarship or student exchange program for Western youth to help them have direct experience and understanding of Islamic culture. Muslims have more than ever needed:

  • Blame fringe groups who believe or practice violence to support extremist views and to solve problems.
  • Respond to the criticism of Islam and holy prophets with great patience and reasonableness, and blame those who depend on violence in response to criticism or hate speech.
  • Prohibition of hate speech, demonization of Muslims as a community, and legal requirements prohibiting imperfect stereotypes of Muslims by the press.


Source Link : https://nation.com.pk/07-Aug-2019/the-rising-tide-of-islamophobia


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