Right to life supersedes right to protest: SAPM Awan – Pakistan

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan, has said that the right of the people to life replaces the right of the opposition to protest and the government will take action against the participants of Jamiat Ulema-i- Islam-Fazal (JUI-F) march if the rights of people are endangered.

"The government will not allow any group to take people hostage," Awan said while addressing a press conference in Sialkot on Sunday.

The head of JUI-F, Fazlur Rehman, said the caravan & # 39; Azadi March & # 39; He would enter Islamabad on October 31 and that is the right of people to protest against a government that has not complied.

Awan, at today's conference, described the JUI-F march as an attempt to complement Indian efforts to push the country to the blacklist of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

She said the prime minister's economic policies are paying off since the country's imports have decreased, while exports have increased.

Awan said that at a time when international monetary institutions are appreciating government economic policies and positive economic indicators in the country, some "political orphans want to stall these indicators."

She said her goal was to "sabotage the prime minister's efforts to change the prevailing economic situation."

"The prime minister is busy portraying an environment conducive to investment in Pakistan," he said, adding that Chinese investors have pledged to invest $ 5 billion in the country's economic zones over the next four years.

Awan promised that all tactics employed by the opposition will fail.

"On the one hand, India is attacking our unarmed citizens at the border and exploiting the people of Kashmir while holding them hostage [in the occupied territory]and on the other hand, our dumb political leaders cannot realize the situation facing Pakistan, "he lamented.

The government spokesman said that the positive indicators of the economy should be maintained over the next three months and that a soft image of Pakistan should be promoted. He expressed his dismay at the fact that this was not understood by some.

"On the one hand, the British royal couple visited Pakistan and are projecting the real, illustrated, moderate and progressive image of Pakistan to the world, while, on the other hand, a group formed by a handful of people, while using the religious card , wants to push people to riots and discord. "

She said the aforementioned group was drawing media attention to a militia, which in itself is a denial of the Constitution of Pakistan and its Article 256.

Awan, when defining a militia, said that it is an organized, uniformed and equipped team and that it has a goal. She went on to say that Rehman has planned to attack Islamabad with the help of a militia and the act amounts to challenging the state's mandate.

She said it should serve as a revelation for people that at a time when India is trying to plot conspiracies to isolate Pakistan in the FATF, at the same time in Pakistan, a uniformed, trained and equipped militia was projected favorably. the media.

"The nation wants to know whose narrative this is. This is a blow to Pakistan's soft image and amounts to complementing Indian efforts to push the country to the FATF blacklist," said Awan.

"The nation wants to know why the spring of those parents who had resisted the establishment of Pakistan want to create obstacles in Pakistan's stability process," he continued.

"History preserves the (true) character of each and every one."

He also said that some "VIP prisoners" are moving Rehman's threads.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1511940/right-to-life-supersedes-right-to-protest-sapm-awan


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