Prisoners in Khyber district to undergo weekly medical check-ups – Pakistan

LANDI KOTAL: All prisoners in the three sub-jails of Jamrud, Bara and Landi Kotal in the Khyber tribal district would undergo a weekly medical check-up, while they will not be subjected to any torture in prisons, authorities said Tuesday. .

They said the prisoners would undergo a medical check-up under the supervision of the medical superintendent of the district headquarters hospital in Landi Kotal.

Authorities said that under the strict orders and instructions of the Khyber district courts and Safron ministry officials in Islamabad, no Khasadar or Levies personnel could torture any prisoners inside their confinements.

The decision to ban Khasadar and Levies' staff from torturing prisoners was made after a Khasadar arrested a merchant in Landi Kotal a week ago and then kept him in illegal confinement in a local cell. He subjected the man to torture to force him to declare in his favor that he (Khasadar) was not involved in extorting merchants.

Authorities said that so far about two dozen prisoners in the Landi Kotal sub-prison had received medical attention with the assistance of a DHQ health team.

Meanwhile, Peshawar Central Prison has also appointed a doctor in the Landi Kotal sub-prison to examine prisoners daily.

Meanwhile, Torkham's anti-narcotics personnel confiscated six kilograms of heroin from an Afghan citizen's belongings during routine check-in at the scanning machine.

The Afghan, Nazir Khan, was arrested and a case was registered against him.

Posted on Dawn, October 23, 2019



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