Pokémon Masters Producer apologizes for too little

Play free Pokemon master It's a strong start, but creators admit that their mobile games lack content, so there's little to do in a month after launch.

Pokemon masterAccording to sensor tower estimates, Pokemon Company and DeNA's franchise latest mobile games earned about $ 26 million in the first week. It was different from others Pokemon Instead of the core mechanism of catching and evolving Pokemon, players have formed a team of famous trainers to solve the challenge.

While POkemon Masters Was the second Pokemon go In terms of revenue for the first week, the initial hype quickly disappeared. There was an event where new trainers appeared, but the main story was too short, leaving only the option to grind through side missions or participate in online co-op battles with attractive rewards. Some trainers were so powerful that they covered other trainers, so the player complained about the balance problem.

Pokemon master Creator Yu Sasaki, in a message uploaded to the game's official website, admitted that the lack of content, along with the overall battle difficulty and design, are the two most common concerns among players.

In a statement, Yu said, “We were disappointed to meet the expectations of the community. I sincerely apologize for this. However, the producer added that larger teams, such as hiring Tetsuya Iguchi as operations producers, are now better suited to address player concerns.

Developers now focus on lack of content in games, lack of compelling rewards, difficulty and design, and ease of use. Yu said changes to address the lack of attractive rewards will be made "in the near future" and that players will be updated about progress in other areas of interest. Short-term plan Pokemon master In addition to the modified reward system, more story events are included.

Learn more about planned improvements Pokemon master It will be released soon, and it will be enough to keep players interested in well-started mobile games.

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