PM Imran launches Ehsaas-Saylani Langar Scheme in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday inaugurated the Ehsaas-Saylani Langar Plan, one of the government's Ehsaas Program projects that aims to combat hunger across the country, in Islamabad.

The plan, which was launched in coordination with Saylani Trust, one of the largest welfare organizations in the country, aims to provide hygienic food to the poor. Speaking to the media on the occasion, the head of the Ehsaas Program, Dr. Sania Nishtar, said the government intends to open 112 soup kitchens in the first phase of the scheme, which will be completed in one year. Popular dining rooms will provide food to 600 people in the capital daily.

Dr. Nishtar said Prime Minister Imran had instructed that food in soup kitchens should be hygienic and should be provided to people in broad proportions "with respect."

"[The prime minister] He has instructed that no person should go to bed hungry. This Ehsaas Langar program was launched according to your wishes, "he told the people present.

"As you know, this is a huge task and the government cannot do it alone. Therefore, we are signing an agreement with the welfare organization Saylani Trust, which has a very good reputation, and together we will open 112 Ehsaas Saylani Langar Khaney in All the Prime Minister has approved it.

"You'll be glad to know that this soup kitchen has been established in 10 days […] and we are sure that we will be able to open 112 popular dining rooms in a short period of time. "

She said the prime minister wanted all the people in the country to sleep well fed and under a shelter. Dr. Nishtar recalled that the prime minister had ordered the launch of panahgahs for the homeless, who have now opened across the country and now the government was establishing popular dining rooms to feed the poor as well.

The founder of Saylani Trust, Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri, also spoke on the occasion and praised the prime minister "for thinking of the poor and disadvantaged section" of society. He said the vision of the prime minister was that of the State of Medina.

& # 39; The state of Madina was not established in one day & # 39;

Prime Minister Imran congratulated Dr. Nishtar and the Saylani Trust for starting the program and said that none of the previous administrations had spent so much on social assistance as their own government.

He repeated his ambition to build a welfare state, based on the Madina state model, where the poor section of society will be elevated. He said the government was struggling to create opportunities for the business community to generate wealth that can be spent on people. However, he stressed that the change would take time.

"People are impatient," said the prime minister. "It's only been 13 months and they ask & # 39; where is the state of Madina & # 39 ;. The state of Madina was not created in one day."



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