Pixel 4 will not show feature-rich RCS text messages promoted by Google

    The new Pixel 4 phone is equipped with the latest features and software management features of Android 10, but Google is still struggling to drive Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging.

    Verizon or T-Mobile don't support the new messaging standard for Pixel 4, and it's in 9to5Google reports that Sprint is the only carrier that can support it.

    SMS has long been the standard for text messaging, but in terms of functionality, SMS is the era of smartphones. Chat applications like WhatsApp and iMessage are expanding on the built in ability to send basic text messages. This includes reading receipts, input indicators, and high quality media.

    We pushed the RCS so that the carrier could use the system as it traveled through the carrier, providing many of the features of other messaging apps. The IT department tried to remove its own broker for this using its own server.

    Carrier games

    There are several reasons why an RCS does not exist yet. Google's Pixel Phone, for example, has not been widely used by US carriers before. Verizon was the only carrier partner for all Pixel Phones, from Pixel 3 to Pixel 3a.

    So it's no surprise that T-Mobile and Verizon don't support RCS on Pixel 4 yet. Sprint's support for the system is a bit visible.

    Above all, Verizon's lack of support is paramount. Verizon previously accepted RCS messages on Pixel 3 phones, but no phones were released. Verizon also added support for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Support for Verizon will be provided later, and T-Mobile may also be supported.

    AT & T's Pixel 4 RCS may take longer because it has its own advanced messaging service that offers similar capabilities to carriers.

    As a result, Pixel 4 users and Android users who want to take advantage of the features of RCS may want to see other messaging apps.

    Pixel 4 first featured feature-rich RCS text messages pushed by Google on Best Buy Hours Today.

    Source: https://bestbuyhourstoday.com/the-pixel-4-isnt-getting-the-feature-rich-rcs-texting-google-has-pushed-for



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