PIA to operate 13 flights on new routes

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Airlines (PIA) is scheduled to operate 13 flights on new international routes this month, officials of the airline said Friday.

Officials said two flights would run from Karachi to Toronto, and the airline's total number of flights to Canada would increase to five.

An additional seven flights have been added to the Jeddah route with a total of 42 weekly flights from Pakistan to Jeddah.

A spokesman said that from October 28, it will fly twice a week between Quetta and Jeddah, and twice from Multan to Riyadh and Dubai.

He also said that the airline resumed flights from Islamabad to Kuala Lumpur on October 14. It also aims to increase the number of flights from Islamabad to Birmingham. PIA will also begin direct flights to the United States soon.

The new flight will help airlines to increase their profits, he hoped.

PIA's post, which operates 13 flights on the new route, was the first of its kind on Daily Pakistan Global.


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