Outside the Megaplex: Here are the Houston arthouse movies showing Oct. 25-31


1001 arsenic four; mfah.org

“Face Reader”

Korean face readers learn to plan to take the prince's kingdom throne. 7:00 pm. Friday


In a small cafe, Kim plays a guest who does not directly observe and interact with other guests. 5 pm Saturday

"Running actress"

A Korean comedy drama film starring, directing and starring Moon Sori consisting of three short films produced in the process of registering doors at Chung-Ang University. 6:30 pm Saturday

“Hit the night”

A young filmmaker is working on her new project. She approached the boy and assaulted him with an intimate question. He agrees to cooperation even after a while, beginning to realize that he wants more than an answer. 8 o'clock in the evening. Saturday


This strange story of love, starring Steven Yeun and Yoo Ah-In, one of the most acclaimed Korean films in recent years, is fascinating. 5pm Sunday


Katy 2707 Commercial Center; drafthouse.com/houston

"Beetle juice"

The soul of a deceased couple is harassed by an unbearable family who has moved home and hires a malicious soul to drive them away. 7:30 pm. Friday


Brandon Lee, in this story, talks about a brutally murdered man and a survivor as an undead avenger for the murder of his fiance. 9 pm. Friday

“Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein”

Two unlucky cargo handlers meet Dracula, Frankenstein Monster and Wolfman. 10 a.m. Saturday


Three parapsychologists established a store with a unique ghost removal service. 7:30 pm. Saturday

"Rocky Horror Picture Show"

The newly engaged couple breaks down in remote areas, Be sure to call the bizarre residence of Frank-N-Furter. 10 pm. Saturday

“Dole Mite”

Eddie Murphy regained interest in Rudy Ray Moore. Here is Moore's original film that inspired Murphy's revival. 8:30 pm. Sunday


Scientists send people with special mental powers to hunt others like themselves. 3:15 PM Sunday


The ancient vampire Count Dracula arrives in England and begins to eat virtuous young mina. 5:30 pm. Sunday

"Northwest north"

Classic Hitchcock running away after a New York City advertising executive was mistaken as a government agent by a foreign spy group. 7:15 PM Monday


When a teenage girl is owned by a mysterious being, the mother seeks the help of two brides to save her daughter. 7:30 pm. Thursday

Rice cinema

6100 main; cinema.rice.edu


In a dormitory for young girls near Fontainebleau, British young girl Olivia is angry with the principal Julie. The teacher of mathematics, Cara, strongly opposes the attitudes of his fellow students. 7:00 pm. Friday and Saturday


Sam Bradley is a young musical that is repeatedly bullied and committed suicide at school. 7:30 pm. Saturday

Low pie

Screened an unusual film about an obscure format, screened and introduced by friends in the media center. 7:00 pm. Thursday

River Orc Theater

2009 W. Gray; landmarktheatres.com

"Rocky Horror Picture Show"

The newly engaged couple breaks down in remote areas, Be sure to call the bizarre residence of Frank-N-Furter. Midnight Friday and Saturday

Roof top cinema

1700 post oak; rooftopcinemaclub.com/houston

“Hood story”

The funeral director tells three drug dealers trapped at his workplace about a strange story focusing on African-Americans. 7:00 pm. Saturday

“Halloween Town”

Knowing that she is a witch, the girl helps to save a city full of other supernatural creatures. 8 o'clock in the evening. Sunday

"Texas Chain Saw Massacre"

When Sally heard Grandpa's grave was damaged, she and her brother began to investigate with a friend. After detour to the old farmhouse of the family, they found a crazy group of murderers living next door. If a group is attacked by a chainsaw wielding a chainsaw, survivors must do everything possible to escape. 8 o'clock in the evening. Tuesday

Discovery green

1500 McKinney; discoverygreen.com

“House with clock on the wall”

A young orphan, Lewis Barnavelt, helps a magic uncle find a watch with the power to bring the end of the world. 7:30 pm. Saturday

All 14

800 aurora; 14pews.org

"Miles Davis: The Birth of Cool"

The documentary explores archived photographs and home movies taken by Miles Davis and his colleagues. 7:00 pm. Friday and 5pm Sunday


Daily life of a female Syrian doctor during the Syrian war. 7:00 pm. Tuesday

Miller outdoor theater

6000 Hermann Park; milleroutdoortheatre.com

"Night of the Living Dead"

The ragtag group of Pennsylvania people barricades in old farmhouses to protect them from bloody, flesh-eaten monsters that destroy America's East Sea. 7:30 pm. Thursday


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