Opinion: why my next phone might be an iPhone rather than Google's pixels

Buy a new phone every two years. The selection process is very simple and depends on two factors. Your phone should have the best camera and software without bloatware that can receive updates once a day for many years.

Over the last three years, we have chosen our pixel lineup. Thanks to the cameras unanimously corrected in Google Labs, it's never been easier to pick the first generation pixels in 2016 and upgrade to Pixel 3 in 2018.

But that's not the case anymore because Apple has finally caught up with Google's image processing capabilities with smart images, new night mode and deep fusion improvements on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. More importantly, after three generations, Google Pixel still feels like a project, as the company continues to overlook a series of fundamental complaints. Due to the leak of the Pixel 4, it's likely that your next phone is an iPhone, not another Pixel. I'll explain.

Where is the third camera?

Apple's new iPhone offers much better photos than its competitors like the Pixel 3 or Huawei Mate 30 Pro, but it's not much ahead. What can be said for sure is that there are more camera systems in the iPhone 11 family.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Triple Camera
Julian Kat Kathu / Digital Trend

The Pixel 4 has been identified as having a dual camera rear array, but rumor has it that it's suitable for telephoto lenses, not ultra wide-angle lenses. iPhone 11 Pro has all three so you can capture or zoom in more shots. Google is already doing a pretty good job at Super Res Zoom, which uses machine learning algorithms to enhance the digital zoom of photos, thus improving the quality of the photos, so ultra wide-angle cameras would have been more useful.

I'm also frustrated with the Google Barebone Camera app, which offers little manual control. A few weeks ago we strangely removed the ISO option.

I was also frustrated with Google's barebones camera app.

The iPhone doesn't offer a lot of manual control by default, but at least you can access various ecosystems of apps like third-party camera accessories and Halide Camera. Searching for third-party camera apps in the Play Store results in a mix of untrusted and sometimes fake apps and apps full of bugs. There are some decent alternatives like Moment's Pro Camera app that allows you to adjust shutter speed, ISO, focus point, etc., but this is also limited and lacks iOS-enabled features and functionality.

For unknown reasons, Google has not yet solved the mysterious video recording feature of the Pixel Phone. Often video (and slow motion clips) recorded on Pixel 3 are soft and overexposed to capture very inaccurate colors. Apple has already made great efforts to improve the iPhone's latest video features, and has already made the best of it. Whether it changes with pixel 4 still remains.

Small Battery, Other Grip

Google endured a lot of battery capacity and endurance is not the most powerful family of pixels. The Pixel 3's battery capacity is only 2,915mAh, and it can last only half a day on busy days, and if you need to believe leaks, the Pixel 4 has a smaller 2800mAh pack.

Also, Google doesn't give up on a dated design, and unlike other smartphone industries, Pixel phones still wear huge bezels (or notches) on the front. Google Pixel 4 will inherit it. At least this time, the bezel will have a significant addition, and there is a face unlocking system similar to Apple's Face ID.

5 features you'd like to see in Google Pixel 4

There are a number of drawbacks and decisions that have hampered my experience, such as the fact that third-party chargers that aren't part of the Made for Google program can't wirelessly charge the Pixel quickly. The screen is not bright enough to be sunny outdoors, inconsistent performance, and poor haptic vibration.

Google has begun using Pixel to create an iPhone alternative for Android. There is still a long way to go after three years.

Some of these complaints may seem tingling, but I think it's justified when you spend almost a thousand dollars on your phone.

For a starting price of $ 699, the iPhone 11 offers better value, and if your history is a mark, it will have a longer life than your Android phone.

Prove me wrong, Google

We are only a few days away from Google's annual hardware event, where Pixel 4 is expected to be released along with several other products. Honestly, I want to prove that I'm wrong. The Pixel series has shown that clever photography of the kind we don't know is possible in such a pocket form factor. However, in the process, Google set a high price tag and ignored other essentials.

Google has begun using Pixel to create an iPhone alternative for Android. There is still a long way to go after three years. Apple is ruining the rest of the smartphone experience with hardware that not only matches pixel camera performance, but also uses battery life, powerful sleek software, and high-quality building materials. At the end of the day, making a phone call is not difficult and I'm glad that I no longer need to live with many of the Pixel 3's flaws to get the best mobile camera.

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