Only Rehbar Committee will hold talks with govt: opposition – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: The opposition has decided that the prerogative to hold talks with the government on the issue of "Azadi March" rests solely with the Rehbar Committee and asked the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) not to communicate with any party politician.

After informing reporters after a meeting of the opposition Rehbar Committee on Monday, his coordinator Akram Khan Durrani of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) stated in categorical terms that his plan to celebrate & # 39; Azadi March & # 39; October 31 was still intact.

The JUI-F leader said that if the government wanted to hold talks, it could contact the Rehbar Committee, but first it would have to ensure that it would allow them to maintain a long and peaceful march.

"There will be no compromise in Azadi March," Durrani said, warning the government not to make any effort to create obstacles in the way of protesters.

He asked the government to accept his democratic right to protest. "I warn the administration not to take any action (against the protesters)."

Faraz says the JUI-F chief will not be arrested to prevent the march

He said the opposition's request for the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan was also intact, but that the joint opposition was open for a meeting with the government committee.

Durrani said it seemed that the government was not serious when holding talks with the opposition, which was evident from the language used by Prime Minister Khan for opposition leaders.

While opposition leaders were in session to decide the agenda of talks with the government, the Senate House of Representatives leader Shibli Faraz dispelled the impression that the head of JUI-F, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, would be arrested to avoid & # 39; Azadi March & # 39 ;.

Speaking to Dawn, Faraz said it looked like Maulana wanted to be arrested, "but the government won't do it despite his desire to become a hero." He said that the government did not give so much importance to the head of the JUI-F that, according to him, he was desperate to be out of power and wanted to prove that it was still relevant to national politics. However, Faraz said the local administration would definitely take measures in accordance with the law to maintain law and order and protect the life and property of citizens.

He claimed that the cracks had begun to appear in the ranks of the opposition parties, which was evident from the decision of the head of the JUI-F to cancel talks with the government team at the last moment after reservations expressed by others opposition parties.

Faraz said that on October 31 "Azadi March" of the opposition parties was destined to fail. He said he didn't know why Maulana Fazl was increasing his bets so much; You should know that the failure of the long march or sitting would end your policy.

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had formed a seven-member team under Defense Minister Pervez Khattak to involve the JUI-F and other opposition parties.

The head of the JUI-F had approved the secretary general of his party and Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri on Saturday to meet with the president of the Senate, Sadiq Sanjrani, a member of the government negotiating team, after the latter He contacted him by phone and looked for a meeting. However, on Sunday, Maulana had to prevent his party delegation from meeting with Mr. Sanjrani, saying that now the Rehbar Committee would make a decision on talks with the government.

Posted on Dawn, October 22, 2019



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