Nawaz files review petition against SC verdict in Arshad Malik video scandal case

Former jailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif filed a petition for review in the Supreme Court on Monday against his verdict in the case of the Arshad Malik video scandal.

Attorney Khawaja Haris presented the statement on behalf of Nawaz Sharif, claiming that the decision has affected the petitioner's privilege. The petition for review designates Judge Arshad Malik and others as parties to the case.

According to the guilty plea, the superior court had issued a verdict on the case without hearing or notifying the petitioner.

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The statement, which seeks the court to listen to Nawaz Sharif about the video scandal, argued that the court decided the parameters of the problem without listening to Sharif.

The former prime minister's point of view must be heard to meet the prerequisite of justice, says the petition for review. He has asked the superior court to review his decision in the case, as well as the court's observations against the petitioner.

The trial court, in its verdict of August 23, had closed a series of petitions about the video leak scandal involving former judge of the liability court Arshad Malik.

We found that it may not be an appropriate stage for this court to interfere in the matter of the relevant video and its effects, since the video may be relevant to a criminal appeal currently sub judice before the High Court of Islamabad (IHC), the judges had said in the detailed verdict.

"The relevant video cannot be of any legal benefit to Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif unless it is properly brought before the High Court of Islamabad, Islamabad in the pending appeal, its authenticity is established and then the same is demonstrated in accordance with the law . be treated as evidence in the case, "he had read the verdict.


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