NAB team to interrogate Shehbaz in LWMC scam today

The National Tax Service (NAB) Lahore's Comprehensive Investigation Team (CIT) today will investigate Pakistan's Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president and opposition leader Shavaz Sharif at the Lahore Waste Management Office. Earnings over Company (LWMC) fraud and income mean investigation.

A three-member team consisting of additional directors Muhammad Aftab, additional directors Muhammad Ashard, and Burramjang Kuram Sheshad, will hand the questionnaire to Sharif for questioning the corruption case.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Sharif was informed that the Supervisor of Surveillance was going to visit the team. Sharif skipped NAB hearings for poor health reasons.

The questionnaire includes some questions about the LWMC, including why he approved a summary of the composition of the waste management company in response to the recommendations of the Minister of Finance and Justice?

"Why do PMUs in solid waste management have to do the same and establish new companies?"

"Did you carry out a feasibility study for the company, such as sustainability, low-cost expenditures and revenue studies?"

"Did you comply with all legal requirements to establish a new company?"

“Why did he decide to form a company? Why did you enter into a contract with the Tech Company without completing the auction process and legal process? ”

"Who has outsourced an agreement with the IS Tech Company for $ 320 million?"

"Why did you decide to give the company a huge amount and financial support without a comprehensive plan?"

"Why was LWMC's debt repayment plan and capital creation denied?"

Responsible watchers also pointed out that the tort has caused billions of rupees to be lost to state floods.

The Bureau tried to identify further traces of suspicious transactions in Sharif's bank account and try to create a source for the transaction amount.

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