My Money: ‘BOOM, suddenly £14.99 less rich!’

Olivia Davis

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Olivia Davis

My Money is a new series of how people spend money, sometimes making difficult decisions. Salford's Olivia Davies keeps a record of his week's spending and shares how easy it is to spend money on clothes and makeup.

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Olivia is 20 years old and is now a sophomore studying broadcast journalism at Salford University. She also works 20-30 hours a week at Nando & # 39; s.

When she is not working, studying or on vacation, she loves going to the gym while maintaining a healthy and active posture. She can't wait to read her blog and see how young, part-time students and workers actually spend their money. She says there is nothing to hide her spending now. To Olivia.

Olivia's Day: Cheap but Deadly Wine, Facial Wax Strips and Difficult Chicken


It's Monday, I'm leaving college for another 2 weeks! So from 12:30 to 16:30 it doesn't work for me. I work 20-30 hours a week at Nando & # 39; s and brought money to save and spend for me!

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Olivia Davis


There was nothing to do until I worked, so I had a quick navigation to do some TLC online. As all girls know, we thought this extra time was a good excuse to treat myself, because we have an obsession to stay on the eyebrows, eyelashes, skin and body! I bought Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk every day because at 23:00 everyone knows how easy this is than to get a perfect stripe-free finish with an instant tan. I also bought a facial wax strip! Being a dark-haired girl, there are always mustaches and mono brows.

I got this product through Pretty Little Thing, where I got free shipping the next day for a year! So I just finished spending £ 14Including shipping. I've been trying to get a student bean discount for this product but for some reason it's not about beauty.


I'm done! And the beauty of working on Nando, free food! Therefore, on shifting and happy days, they do not spend money on lunch. I helped myself with red pepper dip, 1/4 chicken (of course medium spices) and new salty spinach.

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Olivia Davis


Gym class.

Tesco shopping with her mother.


Bath complete

Time to relax and go to bed this Monday, did not spend too much, bills did not come in, money did not come in. But I cured a bit (Tesco shopping I did not pay, I just help my mom find a store every week).

Total Spending: £ 14


I just woke up and nothing happened today! So I will get up and get ready and go for lunch with Nana. We recently found a nice little place to have lunch. I know whether she treats me but I always suggest going in half!


Had lunch with Nana and we enjoyed the lovely chicken straw top and finished with meringue nest and summer fruit! I offered to pay as usual but Nana insisted that this was for her and had to have the next lunch! £ 0 Today lunch, I sent some lovely things.


I'm going out to Newcastle next weekend and of course I need a new outfit, but recently I've been trying to buy a new outfit from Depop, not the original site! It is much better to just buy a little old clothes and recycle them. So I got a scroll and found only the perfect little red opoly dress. £ 23 delivery. The dress of the original site £ 38 You can save a lot of money by wearing it only once.

Total Spending: £ 23


Instead of an evening shift, I get a message asking for a morning shift (9: 30-17: 30). You can see it working until 17:30 until about 1 o'clock. I want to work in the morning and have dinner free, so I put a simple breakfast consisting of yogurt and strawberries in my bag and work till 10 o'clock. They didn't mind that it was a bit late as I was asked at the last minute. If you decided not to bring your breakfast, you could have a meal at work, and you were tempted to have a McDonald's breakfast at a restaurant next door.


Finally it was 17:30 and I always enjoyed a free lunch after work and was in a debate about going to the gym or meeting my boyfriend. Two days ago in the gym, my legs were still dead, so I decided to rest and meet my boyfriend.


My boyfriend Jordan went to Trafford Center and decided it was time to take the van he had long wanted! We buy his van and discuss while drinking tea but choose the "We have food at home" option. We swear we are already old! They also looked around the store to find some wet leggings because it seems to be what everyone wears today. But I can't find what I like and don't waste money, so leave! Today I write absolutely nothing!

Total Spending: £ 0


Today did not work and did not come even at the last minute. I stayed at my boyfriend's house last night, went home and did housework so my mother didn't bite my hair!


My mom actually started a gym class, and she is desperate for a stopwatch to schedule class and make sure she is filling the class correctly. So I looked at Amazon for her. There's a week more … so impatient. I got a free delivery the next day, but I took the test as a student for 6 months, so I waited tonight and decided to use my boyfriend's account to order my watch and save some dollars.


A bit of a quick time and I went to the gym. But I am waiting for the next class to start. While waiting a bit thirsty, I forgot the water bottle. £ 1.

So like you do, I start scrolling Instagram and see this awesome makeup artist. I was looking for someone to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks. When I sent a message to this MUA, she immediately answered. £ 20 Now as deposit, £ 20 Anyway, it seems a little cheaper for me with two installations. £ 20 It will crash in a few minutes.


The gym was all over and I not only drove to my boyfriend and saw him, but also took away my Amazon Prime account to order a stopwatch wrist timer for his mom. My card info is suddenly showing up in my account and BOOM. £ 14.99 Less rich!

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Olivia Davis

Total Spending: £ 35.99


First of all, Friday the 13th … everyone sees this day as a day of bad luck, but loves to see it as a unique and lucky day. Every Friday is a payday day, so my bank balance filled up nicely. It also means it's time to pay rent!

I pay my mom £ 60 You get paid every Friday. It's rare that I can't afford a week, but because she's an angel, she lets me keep my rent if I leave me alone or ow me money. My mom never asked for rent, but I feel offended because I work, eat, and use all my electricity.


We quickly moved to the evening and finished 8 hours of work at work, but we did not successfully send a penny! But now I'm at Trafford Center and I need long and long ones! New basics like jeans and wet leggings. Anyone who knows me knows that I always wear the same thing and it was time to treat myself. I go to Topshop and buy some jeans … with student discount £ 37.85 Instead of £ 42! Every little saving will help! But my spending did not stop there … I also bought a new foundation. My skin is really dry, so it's hard to find good stuff, but I've heard a lot of good news about Fenty Hydrating Foundation. £ 27 Treat yourself on that particular basis and then get more out of your pocket.

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Olivia Davis


do not worry. Spending hasn't stopped yet. Friday 13th seems unlucky for my bank account. We decided to go for a meal, but we got a tap and pizza £ 10.25happy!

And to finish it we go to a friend's house and buy a bottle. £ 4 Summer fruit wine, cheap but fatal! Trust me… oh don't forget £ 10 Gasoline should be put on every Friday (the pleasure of driving).

Total Spending: £ 149.10


I woke up not a hangover! But I remember I forgot wet leggings yesterday so I quickly went to Pretty Little Thing and ordered two pairs. One is size 8 and the other is size 10, so the size of the pants is always different, so just send one back! I will spend £ 22.50 on student discounts. I'm a trader if I say it myself …

Waking up early Saturday, one thing with my mother, meaning an early gym session, I jump into the car with her and we go to her body balance class! She smashed it as always.


It was time to have lunch after the gym, but there is nothing to eat because my mom didn't at the store every week yet. So we grab a corner shop and buy things to make omelets! My favorite.


Now is the time for the 3: 9 shift today! I tempted to buy an iced latte at McDonald's before work. Everyone knows that I am an iced coffee addict! But after spending a lot of money yesterday, I decided it was better to make myself at work (mines are great anyway)!


Time to be home! I have something else tonight, return to my boyfriend's house tonight and probably don't seem to be sleeping straight for me. I did not get energy at night. I am definitely closer to the morning girl!

Total Spending: £ 22.50


Well, that was a lie and half for me! 10:00 is a late rise for me. If you wake up late for any reason, always put me on the edge. But today is a cold day. I finish my work at 5:30 tonight and stay close, but I will worry later.


Today, I am helping my boyfriend clean up his room so far. I bought him a lovely Christmas bracelet. But he lost it this summer. And we have been looking for it ever since. Since he lost his Airford last week, he always seems to have lost the most expensive thing… I began to think that helping his room "cleanly" was his last desperate attempt to actually find his bracelet.


It worked! We found his bracelet and never happier. It was hidden between his unfolded clothes in his closet. At least I don't have to fork to duplicate this Christmas! Victory


It's time to start working before you know. I went through a zealous change with minimal words, and I can't wait for it to die already. I knew I had to buy coffee before going to buy it. Now how busy I am and don't have time to make myself!

Total Spending: £ 21.99

Olivia's spending results

It was voluntary spending all week. You must admit. I do not always buy new jeans, makeup and facial wax strips. Oh, but wait a minute, it's Monday and 16th, which means one thing to me. It is already gymnasium settlement date. £ 21.99 I haven't even sleep in my pocket yet.

lease- £ 60

clothing- £ 83.35

Beauty- £ 61

gasoline- £ 10

Food and Drinks- £ 15.25

Gift- £ 14.99

leisure- £ 21.99

Total weekly spending: £ 266.58


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