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The landscape of popular YouTube videos has changed significantly. The virus adult is not now a virus adult. Viral video Charlie beat my finger or Chocolate Rain Featuring the first half year of the most viewed content on YouTube, this list now accounts for almost the majority of music videos from popular musicians worldwide. YouTube music videos for 2019 are some of the most popular videos in media history. (And today's most viewed music videos on YouTube are undoubtedly some of the most overstated 40 songs of the last decade. Like the same pop song, you can still listen to them on radio stations.)

Millennials and new generations of web users see YouTube as the most trusted media platform in the world, and if these views are important, they can be considered the best place to watch music videos.

10.Katy Perry-Roar (28.9 billion)

Katy Perry continues to be in the top ten. make cry Narrows Taylor Swift and remains popular (although both pop stars are still located on the neck and neck).

Originally appeared on the site on September 5, 2013. make cry Has been teased many times on YouTube and has shown one of the top 10 videos in this list to use the platform for trial promotions.

Besides the Gangnam style, it's the oldest music video on our list make cry It seems to keep the real power. It should be one of the most watched YouTube videos in the world in the future.

9. Maroon 5 – Sugar (3.02 billion)

Based on the plot of the comedy in the mid-2000s, I don't loosely expect music videos. Wedding crasherCan be a big hit, but that's just Maroon 5 Sugar. It could be because both the movie and the music video had the same director, or because Maroon 5 itself was a generation name for pop music for nearly 25 years. Whatever the reason Sugar At the time of writing, she was in 9th place with over 3 billion views.

On January 14, 2015, he was premiered on the Vevo channel on YouTube's Maroon 5 Sorry and See you again.

8. Justin Bieber – Sorry (3.1 billion)

Justin Bieber is the second music artist to achieve a billion videos on YouTube Sorry It wasn't Baby). It turns out to be the most popular YouTube video so far, but to date there have been over 3 billion views. Sorry 2.2 billion videos have reached 1 billion.

But the music video is quickly proven by itself, the fastest to reach the 2 billion mark and can easily sail to 3 billion without much difficulty.

It was originally created as a lyrics video, so it's possible that it ended with the main video of the song, taking into account its great popularity.

Pinkfong-Baby Shark Dance (3.32 billion)

Sometimes it is famous because the song is an ear bug. We initially saw this happening in Barney, so it's not surprising what will happen in the children's song about the shark family. Baby shark dancingThe song produced by Korean pop manufacturer Pinkfong is not a complicated song. There are sharks, repetitions, and a considerable amount of existential fear.

However, the song began to become the most up-to-date member of the list and inspire numerous variations found on YouTube. Let's be honest Baby shark Every parent with the Internet will do exactly that. Are hungry Baby shark Soaring.

6. Psy – Gangnam Style (341 billion)

Monster icon in the YouTube video history, true icon Gangnam style It was the first YouTube video I watched over 1 billion times. Even more surprising at that time, it took less than six months since its launch (from July to December 2012). It became the first video to reach 2 billion times for the first time in May 2014, and it will not be a close competitor until 2015.

Currently, over 100 billion videos have been watched on YouTube each Gangnam style Is still one of the most watched videos, and has been defeating a much younger competitor to stay in the top 10 for almost seven years after launch.

5. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (3.66 billion)

Although older than the top 3 videos in this list Uptown punk It keeps attracting many new viewers and threatens to place medals. It made its YouTube debut in November 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular and favorite videos.

It may be as impressive as the overall views. It's a fierce competition with our contemporaries. Big music videos from other major artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry have all seen hits in 2014 hit billions. Uptown punk It's still closer to being the fourth video to achieve 4 billion views.

4. Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster (4.1 billion)

The only video on this list is not a music video, one of three that is not completely English, Masha and the Bear Specific episodes of Russian children's cartoons of the same name (or Маша и Медведь in Russian). This show is popular outside of home and many episodes have significantly increased views on YouTube. It is also broadcast in co-episode format on Netflix and NBCUniversal.

that much Recipe for Disaster But episodes are especially important from an astronomical point of view. The site is made up of nine videos with 3 billion views and one club out of four with over 4 billion. The most popular non-music video on this site.

The problem is the episode, not the official Masha and the Bear channel. Bring the movie, the channel that uploaded this episode, and this one child show episode alone had a great effect.

3. Wiz Khalifa – see you again ft. Charlie Puth (4.22 billion)

Film partnership to help with the promotion of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, the first video on this list See you again It has been viewed over 4 billion times since its debut in April 2015. Released to help promote the movie Furious 7 The film (of the Fast and Furious franchise) also served as a tribute to the dead star Paul Walker of the series, in which the film itself was a tribute.

The song's music video was temporarily the most watched on YouTube between July 10, 2017 and August 4 of the same year. Gangnam style. It was formulated in turn by our number one video. Death Passito. It was my favorite video on the streaming site between August 26, 2016 and July 25, 2017, which is the second video that has surpassed the 2 billion view mark and is one of only three of the more than 4 billion videos seen. . .

2.Ed Sheeran – Your Look (4.37 billion)

You can add 880 million views to Ed Sheeran's most popular YouTube views. Whether you are or not, don't deny it Your shape One of the most watched videos. This record is the third fastest video with 1 billion hits, and the second fastest with 2 billion and 3 billion hits.

Almost matches the view See you again, Your shape Much more modern. After debuting in January 2017, only two years have won all the hits. It seems to be further enhanced by the second most popular video in history.

Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft Daddy Yankee (6.41 billion)

For sites run by US companies and dominated by English-speaking content, the most popular YouTube videos (and videos that are not showing upcoming Eclipse) are almost completely Spanish. Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee Death Passito Visited YouTube in January 2017 and hit more than 1 billion views in 97 days. Continued, the first video to achieve 2 billion views was 4, 5, and now the first video to achieve 6 billion views.

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