Microsoft is applying for a patent on a VR mat that can be used with Xbox

Microsoft VR Floor Mat Patent Image
Microsoft / US Patent Office

Microsoft recently filed a patent for virtual reality floor mats, the most interesting aspect of which is a patent proposal for use with game consoles like Xbox.

The patent, filed by Microsoft on April 2, 2018, and released on Thursday, October 3, last week, is about what technology companies call "virtual reality floor mat activity areas." Reality is not a new concept. According to Microsoft patents, floor mats will offer more features than simply providing a way for VR gamers to keep their designated play area safe.

These additional features include the use of reference markers, including haptic feedback (vibration), the use of interlocking tiles to allow an adjustable play area, and the addition of pressure sensors. The reference marker is intended to help the specified VR headset detect the floor mat and then selectively reinforce the virtual reality experience based on the location of the identified physical object in relation to the active area.

The mat may also include haptic feedback features that include vibration: “Haptic notifications can be output through the HMD's vibration device [head-mounted display] Or other device carried by the user, or via a vibrating device integrated into the virtual reality mat. As mentioned earlier, the mat may include one or more integrated vibration devices that generate vibration in the mat that can be detected by the user to enhance the virtual reality experience. ”

The patent also includes a chart indicating that the floor mat (and play area) can be adjusted using interlocking tiles that can be moved to fit different configurations. Microsoft also mentioned integrating a pressure sensor into the floor mat "at least in some implementations." Pressure sensors are intended to "detect the physical pressure or force exerted on the active surface of the mat" and "virtual reality systems allow the user to identify where the user stands in relation to the mat without having to be visually detected by the optical sensor. Makes it possible. ”

As Gizmodo points out, Microsoft's patent mentions a laundry list of computing devices that can be used with floor mats, but one of the obvious uses of the proposed application is that in games, Matt is a particularly Microsoft motion sensor, Kinect. (The most commonly used motion sensor) can be used. Pair with Xbox One and 360 game consoles). Indeed, the first diagram included in the patent (see above) shows a living room setup where a person wearing a VR headset in front of a large television or display monitor looks very similar to Kinect. Sitting on top. However, the patent mentions the use of "game consoles" but does not mention the words "Xbox" or "Kinect". So we will have to wait for how VR VR mats are used in the game.

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