Marathon clothing collaborate with fear of gods to help children of Nissi Hustle

On Thursday, The Marathon Clothing announced that it would go to Instagram and collaborate with Jerry Lorenzo's Fear Of God.

This is important because it is a limited-edition collection that is sold directly to Nipsey's two children, Kross and Emani's trust funds.

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The Marathon Clothing representative said, "Nipsey greatly supported Jerry Lorenzo's fashion efforts through his god fears and the Essentials brand, and wore several pieces in music videos and other iconic career moments," said the Marathon clothing representative. "We wanted to see Marathon Clothing in collaboration with God's fear, as Nipsey always imagined."

Shop the 08 Crenshaw capsule collection to get in touch with casual wear like hoodies, crew necks and sweatpants and sweat shorts. Given that Nipsey's fan base and many people loved it, this collection is expected to sell quickly.

This is not the first release we have seen in contrast to Nipsey Hussle's legacy. A few weeks ago we shared that Puma is releasing a collection that he worked on before he died in a timely manner!

PUMA debuts first Nipsey Hussle collection

If you want to touch this collection, it will be sold exclusively at the Fear of God & # 39; s Atmosphere retail show this Friday.

Take a look at what you see below and let us know your thoughts!


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