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ISLAMABAD: The US special envoy for Afghan reconciliation, Amb Zalmay Khalilzad, arrived on Tuesday to discuss with the Pakistani civilian and military leaders about the revival of peace talks with the Afghan Taliban.

The trip follows the vote in the Afghan presidential elections held on September 28 that were marred by low participation and sporadic violence.

Pakistan, while welcoming the vote in the presidential elections, hoped that the new government would enjoy the full mandate to carry out the stalled peace process.

"This is important to end the 18-year conflict through an inclusive negotiated political agreement, led by Afghans and Afghan property," said the Foreign Ministry promising to continue facilitating the new Afghan government to reach a long political agreement. term. running conflict

The United States and the Taliban were close to an agreement last month when Trump suspended a meeting with representatives of the insurgent group and the Afghan president

Meanwhile, diplomatic sources in the United States said Pakistan was trying to take Taliban leader Mullah Baradar to Islamabad from Doha on Wednesday (today) for a possible meeting with Khalilzad.

It may take up to three weeks to complete the vote count in the Afghan presidential polls. However, there are early indications that the process may be in a political dispute between the main contenders similar to what was seen in 2014. The main contenders have already begun making rival claims of victory in the polls.

The United States and the Taliban were close to an agreement earlier last month when President Donald Trump suddenly suspended a meeting with representatives of the insurgent group and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at Camp David and ended the negotiation process for which Amb Khalilzad se I had postulated. A year after a Taliban attack in Kabul that left 12 people, including an American soldier, dead.

Later, Amb Khalilzad reportedly told members of Congress in a classified briefing that the peace agreement with the Taliban was dead.

He had also met with Prime Minister Imran Khan during his recent visit to New York. He, on that occasion, gave Mr. Khan an overview of his one-year commitment to the Taliban before he got out of the way.

Posted on Dawn, October 2, 2019


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